The subject of self sabotaging behaviour (and what you can do to stop)

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I know I said my next post would be a product review but I’m going to have that up on the blog tomorrow instead (apologies).In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some insight on self sabotaging behaviour. Some of you may say ‘I don’t do this so none of this applies to me’ but the truth is, as humans we all embark on some form of self sabotaging behaviour (some of us may not even realise that we are until we reflect or are told by somebody close to us).
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Let’s take a closer look at what it means to self sabotage…
‘Behaviour is said to be self sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long standing goals. The most common self sabotaging problems are procrastination, self-medication with drugs/alcohol, comfort eating, and forms of self injury such as cutting’.
The definition above focuses more on the physical consequences of consistent self sabotaging behaviour. I think that self sabotaging behaviour is definitely on the rise, especially with this generation. I believe that the rise of social media has played a role in this (although its not purely to blame). Looking at your friend’s profile and seeing the wonderful things they have achieved and done may make you feel like you haven’t done anything positive for yourself (which is not true, there are always positives and as a people, we need to spend more time focusing on the good things in our lives.
There are so many types of self sabotage such as:

  • inability to say NO to others
  • inability to plan ahead 
  • fear of failure
  • worrying constantly
  • critically judging ourselves and others
  • limiting beliefs, emotions and attitudes

I’ve chosen to focus on the above because these are the self sabotaging behaviours that affect the mind. The mind is such as precious thing and it needs to be protected at all costs. As someone who does suffer from anxiety, self sabotage is something that I have experienced. On the positive, I have now got into the habit of identifying these thoughts as and when they strike and changing them into positive ones.
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Here are some tips that may be helpful when it comes to stopping self sabotaging behaviour:
Tip 1 – IDENTIFY IT – The first step to addressing an issue is to admit it is there. Understand that you have a problem, identify it and then seek out ways in which you can solve it. For example, you may find that you get very anxious when you are about to complete a task, you might want to write down what you feel might go wrong or write down how you plan to approach the task.
Tip 2 – Recreate the self sabotage pattern/make changes – this is something that needs practice. It won’t be easy but if you are committed to changing your thought and action processes, you will.
Tip 3 – Seek advice from other people – Be sure to talk to somebody that you trust.
Tip 4 – Self reflection is key. Don’t be afraid to reflect. What you discover may not always be positive and that’s o.k. We are all working to become the best versions of ourselves that we can. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Tip 5 – Focus on solutions – So if you find that, for example, following a certain person on social media puts you down or makes you feel like you were someone else, you need to either unfollow this person or even have a detox. Don’t be afraid to take a few days away from anything that triggers self sabotaging behaviour.
I hope this post has made you think (in a positive way) about what we can do to walk away from self sabotage and move towards self improvement.
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Have you engaged in self sabotaging behaviour? What did you do to challenge/stop it? Are you still working on one particular area in your life?
Feel free to share your views/stories.
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The subject of self sabotaging behaviour (and what you can do to stop)