The Three Essential Oils You Need in Your Skincare Routine Right Now

If you follow me on Twitter (@Kelle_S6), you know that I’m either going on about essential oils or having a conversation with someone about them. In recent years, essential oils have definitely been having a moment (and rightly so, they are amazing!). Some of you may already know what they are but the rest of you may be thinking ‘What on earth is an essential oil?’ 
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Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of the natural oil in plants. Once created, through a process called distillation, the essential oil will have the characteristic fragrance and properties of the plant from which it was extracted.
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Before you decide to invest in an essential oil, I would highly recommend that you do some research. In this post, I will be focusing on using essential oils as part of your skincare routine but there are essential oils that can help cure colds, sore throats, tummy aches and alleviate stress relief. It is important to find out what works for you….
The first essential oil that I think has amazing skincare benefits is lemon essential oil. I have been using it for about four-five months because I was really struggling with managing my oily skin. I read something about lemon oil being great for reducing excess sebum (sebum is a substance produced by the sebaceous glands). I started to put two drops of lemon oil with my moisturiser (in the day and night) and I noticed that my skin was a lot less shiny than it used to be. My pores were tightened and my spots had started to clear.
If you are using an essential oil on your skin, please make sure you are either mixing it with a carrier oil (such as avocado oil or coconut oil) or your moisturiser. Try one drop mixed in with your moisturiser if it’s your first time using this particular oil.
Lemon Essential Oil (£6.79, Fresh Skin at Amazon, 100ml)
The next essential oil that I just love is lavender essential oil. I actually got introduced to lavender essential oil by accident. I was going through a really difficult time personally and I was having trouble sleeping. I went to my local H&B store and was introduced to a Lavender spray. I used this spray and for the first few nights, It seemed to work really well, after that it didn’t. I decided that I wanted something a bit stronger so that’s when I started using lavender oil. I used to put 2 drops on the inside of both my wrists and I’d also massage it onto my neck (just to relax). When it was time for me to go to sleep, I would put a few drops on my pillow. I never knew that lavender had so many skincare benefits….
I do suffer from acne (especially when my time of the month approaches) so whenever I find myself getting one too many spots, I put some lavender oil on a cotton pad and dab it on the spots. When I wake up the next morning, it’s not even there. I have a confession to make… one thing I do when I’m really annoyed by the presence of a spot is try to pop it before it’s ready and sometimes when I do, this leaves a wound on my face. I dab some lavender oil onto the wound and within a few days, it heals completely
Lavender Essential Oil (£6.79, Fresh Skin at Amazon, 100ml)
The last essential oil I am going to rave about is tea tree oil. When I run out of wipes (and believe me this happens because they get used up so quickly), I use one part of tea tree oil with three parts of water to remove my makeup. As tea tree oil is an astringent, it is very strong so a little bit is just enough to do what you want it to do. I loved how clear it left my skin and my pores were definitely minimised. If I had to choose between tea tree and lemon oil however, I would choose lemon oil. I think it works more instantly and when you’re on the go, this is what you need.
Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil (£6.79, Fresh Skin at Amazon, 100ml)
If you introduce anything to your skincare regime in 2018, then it needs to be essential oils. They have so many benefits and uses, they are decently priced and (if used well) can last up to six months.
I’ve written about the essential oils that work best for me but as I said earlier, please don’t be a stranger to research. Find out what works for your skin type, personality or ailment(s).
I’m also going to stress again that if you do use an essential oil, make sure you are mixing it with a carrier oil. Coconut, avocado and jojoba oil are the most popular ones but look for another if you don’t like the scent or feel of those ones. 
Start with one drop of your chosen essential oil and then two when your skin gets used to it (especially if you are applying it on your face).
All of the essential oils I use are from Fresh Skin Beauty 
Do you use essential oils? Are you new to essential oils? How are you finding them so far if you are? Leave your thoughts/comments/questions below.
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  • A Piece of Sarah
    December 31, 2017

    Thanks for the tips, going to buy some lemon oil and test it out as I already have lavender and teatree at home.

    • Its Kelle's Space
      December 31, 2017

      You’re very welcome. Let me know how you find the lemon oil and don’t forget to mix it with a carrier oil as it’s quite strong and it can irritate the skin.

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The Three Essential Oils You Need in Your Skincare Routine Right Now