2017: My Year In Review

Hi guys,

In this post, I am going to be reviewing my 2017. I’ve decided to do a Q and A style post as I feel that this year has been quite reflective so I really want to talk in detail about how I found 2017 in addition to sharing my plans, goals and hopes for 2018.

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If you had to describe your 2017 in three words, what would they be?

Reflective, Powerful, Refreshing

I’ve chosen these words because at the beginning of the year, I was in a very bad place. I was struggling emotionally and mentally with the breakdown of my long term relationship. As I thought about the fact that I am fast approaching the end of my 20’s, I really had to take the time to get to know myself again and be 100% transparent about what I expect from individuals, and not just individuals that I am involved with. It’s funny how one less than pleasant situation can suddenly make you evaluate every situation you give your energy too in life.

I definitely feel like this is the year when I gained my power back. I was able to establish myself as a professional, spend time focusing on self care, having fun with friends, travelling, just really trying to get back to myself again and I have loved every single minute of it. I’ve adopted a ‘make it through the day’ mantra and I try not to be too hard on myself because life is so short.

Through power, comes freedom. You gain a sense of self and you own it and that’s what I’ve started to do. The journey hasn’t always been smooth but once you know yourself, the sky is the limit. You feel invincible almost. I definitely have meditation to thank for this and in 2018, I will be challenging myself to meditate more (check out my post on meditation here)

What was your favourite place that you visited in 2017?

Definitely, Amsterdam! I absolutely loved ‘Dam! Whenever I travel to Europe, I never want to leave because the people are so relaxed, so calm, it’s so wonderful. I went to Amsterdam in October for a few days and I saw so many places. I wish I actually took pictures of the places I went to and the restaurants I ate in (it would have made a good post) but anyway travelling is something I definitely aspire to do more of in 2018 so watch this space!

If someone wrote a book about your year, what genre would it be?

Something along the lines of coming of age/self discovery. 2017 has been a whirlwind for me.

How did your overall outlook on life evolve?

Wow, this is a good question. From 2014-2016, I think I was very naive. I chose to see the good in everybody and everything. Life was a bunch of beautifully arranged roses as far as I was concerned but when I started to experience challenging times, my outlook on everything changed. I wasn’t sure why certain things were happening to me but now I realise that I needed that because I needed to make a swift exit from the bubble I was living very comfortably in. I believe that everyone has one life experience that will shake them and for me, losing somebody that I cared for deeply and relied so much on was it.

I think that the key to living your best life and being your best self is just to be happy…try your best to be happy. Be happy with who you are, be happy with what you have to offer and slowly, things should fall into place.

Never spend too long feeling like you are not enough. You are.

What new habits did you cultivate?

This year, I really enjoyed exercising and I did go to the gym as much as I could, but because of the demands of my career, I barely got the chance to go in the later part of the year. However, I do a home workout using my kettlebell. I love that post workout feeling and maintaining my weight is quite important to me (because I don’t have time to be buying a new wardrobe sorry).

I also learned how to take care of my natural hair. Most of the time, I wear wigs or I have a protective style in my hair but I’ve actually a adopted a haircare routine and it seems to be working because even my hairdresser said my hair has grown.

I’ve improved my culinary skills. Maybe one or two recipes will be posted in 2018. Watch Kelle’s Space.

A new habit I have formed is writing to do lists. Even when I’m at home, I will do one. I suffer from anxiety so sometimes (as anyone with anxiety knows), going through twenty things that you need to do in your head at 3000 miles per hour can cause such a headache. If I know I have a productive day ahead of me, a list is getting made and I’m ticking it off as I complete each task. This gives me the peace of mind I need.

What cool things did you create this year?

It’s Kelle’s Space!

I’m so glad that I was able to get back into blogging again. I was on Twitter one day and I found myself just tweeting about anything and everything and I thought to myself ‘ You’ve still got a lot to say Kel, start blogging again’. So I did. What I need to do next year is create a lovely backdrop so I can start filming videos and possibly move this brand to YT as well.

2017 was full of ups and it was full of downs but I’m pleased that I am still here. I’ve smiled, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve experienced all sorts of emotions but they have all made me the woman that I am and I know that everything I experience (good or bad) will help me become the woman I am meant to be.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel free to share your 2017 moments with me.

I’d love to read them.

I will share my 2018 hopes with you very soon.

Kel xo


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