Musings of an Introvert

I am an introvert.

It took me some time to realise this.

It took me some time to accept this.

But I am who I am and I am unapologetically me.

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An introvert is someone who prefers to be in calm and minimally stimulating environments. It is estimated that approximately half of the world’s population are introverts, so why do the majority of introverts, such as myself, grow up thinking there’s something wrong with them?

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In my younger years, I remember being completely engrossed in my toys and my books. As I sit in my dining room typing this post, I’m reminded of the numerous Disney, Roald Dahl, R.L.Stine and Jacqueline Wilson books I had on my bookshelf.Playing outside didn’t really excite me the way it did my peers. As long as I could create and immerse myself in my own environment, I was always at peace. 

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As I’ve got older, I’ve learned that through peace, comes power. I’m not afraid to be on my own. Spending time alone is a fulfilling experience. It doesn’t mean I have no friends (I do) and it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m impossible to be around. Self reflecting is what an introvert does best. Introverts have a rich and vivid inner world. Just because we are quiet and we like to be alone at times, it doesn’t mean we are anti social.

To all the world’s introverts, I have a message for you:

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In case you were wondering, here are some signs that you might be or that you are an introvert:

  • You find social functions draining 
  • You enjoy spending time alone 
  • You have a small group of close friends
  • You value and appreciate authenticity in others and can’t stand people who are putting on a facade
  • You are self aware
  • You like jobs that involve independence

Of course there are many more signs of introversion but if you relate to one or more of the points above, then it is highly likely you are introverted.

A dear friend of mine who writes at Introvert Mama Blog (follow her!), introduced me to a free personality test. All you have to do is answer all of the questions as honestly as you can, of course, and you will find out what your personality type is. When I did the test, I also requested to be sent a free report which explained my results in more depth. I found out that I am an INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Judging).

Are you an introvert? Or do you know an introvert? I love hearing from you all so feel free to share your experiences.

Kel xo


12 thoughts on “Musings of an Introvert

  1. Love this. This is so me, I try coming out of my shell because I feel like it’s bad to be that way but it’s hard. Sometimes people think introverts are snubs but I am not. I just like peace and quiet time a lot. 😀

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  2. “An introvert is someone who prefers to be in calm and minimally stimulating environments.” This is soooo me! Sometimes I wonder if I’m lazy, but maybe it’s just my introversion

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would recommend taking the quiz.
      There’s a link in the post.
      If you lean more towards introversion then you are definitely an introvert.
      Introverts aren’t lazy people, they just take time to adapt.
      I can see why you would feel that way though.
      You get moments where you just feel helpless.


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