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The mind – the post powerful tool in human possession.

Thoughts – a single act or product of thinking.

As simple as this all may sound, mastering the mind is one of the biggest challenges we face as people of the world. Everywhere we look, someone is telling us what to do, what to say and even who to be. All of this in addition to trying to live the lives we feel we truly deserve, will naturally put a considerable amount of pressure on our minds (and thought processes).

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According to Mental Health, anxiety is one of the primary causes of disability worldwide and it has been estimated that the disorder causes 40 million years of disability in 20-29 year olds! We all deal with anxiety in some form or another, but for some anxiety is much stronger. It doesn’t surprise me to read that anxiety is rife among millennials because we live in a age where social media and other outside influences dominate our lives, and our minds too. 

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We pay attention to what we consume, what information we take in and so much more, so why can’t we give our minds the attention they need? After all, if it wasn’t for our minds, we wouldn’t be able to make decisions related to our wellbeing and responsibilites. Please remember that health is wealth, so always do what you feel you need to do to look after yourself. 

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I’m going to share a few of my mind maintenance tips with you…

Go for a walk – This is of my favourite things to do, especially when I have a challenging day. If you work in a office, make sure you take a break from your screen when needed. A bit of fresh air during my lunch break always does wonders for me, personally, as I feel a lot more alert when I return to work.

Ignore negative thoughts – I have to admit that I struggle with this. There will always be an inner voice telling you that can’t but I always do my best to think of all the reasons I can. When I moved back to London after a brief stay up North, I felt like I had failed and it took me a long time to sort out my thoughts. If you do find yourself struggling with negative thoughts, think about why that maybe. It may be time to let go of that toxic relationship/friendship…

Meditate – This is one of my favourite practices. There is so much power in being still. I would highly recommend meditation. It gives you the chance to unwind, it strengthens your immune system as you are relieving yourself from all of the day’s stress and on top of that, it does improve your mood. I must add that with meditation, you won’t get it right the first time. Find out what type of meditation works well for you. You may decide to meditate to sleep, or to start a new day or you may even prefer affirmation based meditations so be patient.

Exercise – What I love about exercise is that there are so many different things you can do (like with meditation). My personal preference is HIIT. I love going to classes at the gym. If I don’t have time to go to the gym, I’ll workout at home with my kettlebell. One of the best things about working out is that post workout feeling you get once your done, it’s amazing isn’t it?

I hope you have found this post useful in some way. What are your mind maintenance tips? Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Kel xo 

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