Harley Street Skincare Review

In this post, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on the fabulous range of Harley Street skincare. Harley Street Skincare is an award winning British skincare brand that was formulated on London’s Harley Street. The brand claim to use the best products from nature and science to treat your skin by age and concern.

I will be reviewing four products from the range: Oil Free Moisturiser, Pore Minimising Mask, Renewal Lotion and the Exfoliating Cleanser.

I’m going to start with the Oil Free Moisturiser. As I have oily/combination skin, using an oil free moisturiser is a must for me. I was a bit sceptical at first because this moisturiser is lightweight but it really did adapt to my skin’s needs. It felt soft, moisturised, hydrated and I even noticed that my complexion was radiant (thanks to the Vitamin E). In order to get good results from this product, I’d say you definitely have to apply it twice a day. This moisturiser also contains sweet orange, melon and hydrolysed silk: it’s a concoction of powerful and skin enhancing ingredients.

Pros: feels really good on the skin, lightweight, long lasting (minimal amount of product needed), leaves skin looking radiant, adapts to skin’s needs.

Cons: price, tingling sensation when first applied (but this does stop after a few minutes.

HSC’s Oil Free Moisturiser is priced at £30.00.

Next, I’m going to talk about the Pore Minimising Mask. I was so excited to try this product because I’m always looking for the latest pore minimising craze: whether it’s 99p strips from Savers or the £60 Invisiblur Perfecting Shield. At £30, this is well priced considering the fact that it does what it says on the packaging. I noticed that my pores were minimised after the first use and my skin isn’t as shiny as it used to be. My skin feels healthy and smooth.

Pros: leaves pores minimised instantly, well priced in comparison to other premium pore minimising products, leaves skin feeling smooth, removes dead skin, can be used with Oil Free Moisturiser.

Cons: contains crushed diamonds so if you have sensitive skin, be cautious (although they are finely ground).

HSC’s Clean Tech Pore Minimising Mask is priced at £35.00.

The Clean Tech Renewal Lotion promises dramatically clearer, smoother and more luminous skin but honestly, I have to say that I haven’t noticed this as of yet. However, the promise of reducing hyper pigmentation has kept me committed to this product. I have noticed a slight reduction with my dark spots but I’m still continuing to use lemon essential oil every night before I go to bed. I do hope that in time, this lotion will completely remove my dark spots and make my skin a bit more clearer than it is.

Pros: reduces dark spots, lightweight formula, contains glycolic, and salicylic acid.

Cons: didn’t really notice any changes in the condition of my skin, however, I will continue to use the product to see if things change over time.

HSC’s Clean Tech Renewal Lotion is priced at £35.00.

Lastly, I’m going to share my thoughts on the Clean Tech Exfoliating Cleanser . Now, I have made no secret of the fact that I am committed to my St Ives exfoliating scrub but I really like this cleanser. Even though it contains silica beads, it felt really soft as I massaged it gently on my face. In order to get the best results from any exfoliator, I would recommend using it two to three times a week. I’ve been using this one three times a week and my skin is clean, soft and hydrated. What more could a girl ask for?

HSC’s Clean Tech Exfoliating Cleanser is priced at £30.00.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Harley Street range of skincare. I love that all products in the range contain natural and scientific ingredients.

To find out more about the Harley Street Skincare range, click here.

Have you used any products from the Harley Street skincare range? What were your thoughts?

Kel xo 

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