How To Use Social Media In A Positive Way

Social media.

Two very powerful words that have a magnificent impact on our society.

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This generation has become increasingly reliant on social media. Whether it’s sharing your latest pictures on Instagram or letting your Facebook friends know how you feel five to ten times a day, there’s no denying the influence social media has on our lives and the entire world.

However, social media can do more harm than good. It has been cited as the reason for many ailments such as anxiety and depression. In this post, I’m going to share a few tips on how you can use social media in a way that will benefit you.

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Be positive

Don’t be afraid to spread love and encouragement when you log on. I think that social media has become quite negative thanks to trolls, pointless arguments and meaningless drama. Don’t forget that you can compliment others, you can be friendly. Be a light in this (sometimes) dark world we live in.

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Connect with like minded people

Follow people who mean something to you. Whether its friends, family or industry professionals. There’s no doubt that logging on to social media and seeing posts from people you care about will make a difference to your day and of course, your overall mood.

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Avoid the ‘showdowns’

This is a really difficult one, especially on a site like Twitter, where the norm these days is to challenge anyone who has a different opinion to yours. Remember that your opinion is yours and you are entitled to express it. If things start to get ugly online and you need to use the block button, do it.

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Stop comparing yourself to others

I think this is one of the most prevalent social media issues. The art of comparison. Whether it’s seeing someone who appears to have a fabulous life or the perfect body or even relationship, comparing yourself with others will steal your joy. If you find you indulge in self comparison way more than you should, you need to either unfollow certain accounts/pages or take a detox.

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Promote yourself

If you have a project, business or another side hustle then use your social media channels to promote this. After all, no one will know where your passion lies if you don’t share it with the world. As a part time blogger, I promote my posts as much as I can and it’s a great way to deter yourself from the negative side of social media. You’ll get more interest from others and you’ll also connect with like minded people in the process too!

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I have mentioned this in two of the previous points. You don’t know how good a social media detox is until you’ve actually done one. You don’t even need to delete your accounts to do it. You can spend some invaluable time on yourself: apply for that job, go for a lovely walk in the park, have a clear out…the list is endless. There is life outside of social media: enjoy it!

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In addition to the above, I would say don’t take social media too seriously. Respect yourself and others and don’t let anybody put you down.

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I hope some of these tips I’ve shared have helped you and also, feel free to comment with your own as I always love to hear from you all.

Kel xo


3 thoughts on “How To Use Social Media In A Positive Way

  1. I love this and completely agree with everything you mentioned. I am very positive and I think it’s good to encourage positive use of social media!! Especially to promote yourself but not lose yourself in it all! This was a great read and it was very relatable!


    1. I agree.
      There’s way too much negativity surrounding social media for my liking so I think people need a reminder from time to time that being pleasant to others online will not kill you 😂


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