5 Things I Have Learnt About Blogging

I’ve been blogging since 2011 so I’m not really new to the game, however, I have noticed that the blogosphere has changed so much since I first started blogging.
In this post, I’ll be sharing five new things that I have learnt about blogging since It’s Kelle’s Space was launched in December 2017.
Never stop promoting your material
Yes, it’s pretty self explanatory but promoting your material is key to increasing your blog views. You never know where your next follower or collaborator may come from so always spread the word, whether your content is 4 weeks old or 4 months old. Most of my views are generated via my Twitter account so I aim to promote at least 4-5 different posts on there a day. Also, when you promote your posts, don’t forget to use hashtags and tag pages which promote content from bloggers. Get involved in blogger threads or conversations and just do your best to stay active, even if you decide to take a blogging hiatus, like I did in May this year.
Create a media kit
Many bloggers are embroiled in a debate about this but in my opinion, a media kit is absolutely necessary. If you are approaching a brand or a fellow blogger, you’re probably going to end up writing huge paragraphs as to why you should work together which is a little pointless. A media kit summarises your successes and what you expect from different opportunities and it’s also a much better way to present any information you’d want a potential collaborator to know. I created my media kit on Canva. There are so many wonderful templates you can choose from. If you don’t fancy using Canva, there are other websites you can use such as Adobe Spark for example.
When it comes to content, don’t force it
This has been one of the hardest challenges for me because when I had my first blog, Fashion, Love and Life, I blogged about everything (well, in my defence I was 21 years old so I had the time) and anything. Making sure your content is relevant will make or break your blog. If you have what I like to call ‘lightbulb’ moments on a regular basis, that’s amazing, but take time to think any potential post ideas through and if you discover an idea has no substance, leave it be. Something else that can help you determine what content to create are your stats. I’m obsessed with checking how well my posts perform by the week, month and quarter. This helps me to get a good understanding of what my readers want.
Support other bloggers
I’m a big advocate for bloggers supporting bloggers, influencers supporting influencers and so on. There is enough room for everyone to succeed so don’t hesitate to follow other blogs, regardless of their popularity. Also, share or retweet posts from other blogs too. If you do make an effort to share the work of others, people are more likely to share your work too. Make conversations with other bloggers, direct bloggers to opportunities, attend events etc.
Be consistent
Again, another challenge in the world of blogging. Consistency is so hard to conquer but it’s a must if you really want to establish yourself as a blogger. Right now, I’m trying to post at least twice a week. I plan my content well in advance. The majority of blog platforms allow you to schedule and edit posts so do take advantage of that. I also find that being consistent involves keeping informed. Pay attention to what people online are talking about in regards to your niche. Also, don’t forget that you can find inspiration for a post anywhere. Don’t limit yourself.
Lastly, I’ll just say that the key to successful blogging lies in being true to yourself. As long as you’ve found your niche, you will be able to produce amazing, thought provoking content. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through too. Create a calendar for content scheduling if you need to and most importantly, don’t forget to use data and hyperlink.
I hope you have found these tips helpful.
I’d love to know what you have learnt about blogging so far.
Please feel free to leave a comment below.
Kel xo

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