MPW Steakhouse Bar and Grill Review

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to sample the menu at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill in Folkestone, Kent. For those of you who don’t know, Folkestone is a beautiful port town on the English Channel.
Marco Pierre White is one of the U.K’s most popular chefs. In 1994, he became the youngest chef to be awarded three Michelin stars. By the end of the 1990’s, he had retired from the kitchen and is now a very successful restaurateur. The menu’s at the Steakhouse Bar and Grill are very traditional – what I liked most about what was on offer is that there is something for everyone. I had the pleasure of visiting the Steakhouse Bar And Grill inside The Clifton Hotel. The hotel has a very modern yet sophisticated look. My cousin and I were greeted on arrival and felt welcomed immediately.

The restaurant is beautiful. The decor is classic, with a mainly black and white colour scheme. With sweet instrumentals playing in the background, the atmosphere was very relaxed. It is the perfect spot for lunch or dinner. As we sipped on our drinks and enjoyed some bread and butter, we couldn’t help but admire our surroundings.

I had to have Wheeler’s Crispy Calamari. If you follow me on social media, you will know my love for calamari is real! I was actually wondering what it would look and taste like before it even arrived! When it comes to calamari, not all restaurants get it right and that’s a fact. I’m pleased to say that it was absolutely delicious. It was soft, easy to chew and not doused in breadcrumbs which I also liked. The accompanying sauce tartare went perfectly with it. It was creamy and appetising.

My cousin had the Finest Quality Smoked Salmon. The salmon was well presented. It was garnished with vegetables and slices of brown bread were placed on the side of the plate. We both agreed that brown bread wasn’t really the best side for the dish. Ciabatta bread or something similar would have been better. However, the salmon had a divine taste regardless of this.
I had The French, which was a burger with melted cheese, onion rings and dijon mayonnaise, served with fries. My cousin had the Wheeler’s Coq and Shrimp Curry with a portion of rice and fries.
My burger was flavoursome and filing which was great until I realised that there was no dijon mayonnaise in my burger! This was a shame as I hadn’t been informed prior to placing my order but I requested some extra ketchup which was given to me within seconds. The fries had a fresh taste, which I like. At home, whenever I make chips or sweet potato fries, I like to cut them up myself as opposed to buying them frozen. Fries taste better when they are freshly made.
The Coq and Shrimp Curry had a pleasant taste but it wasn’t spicy at all. Depending on your food preferences, the addition of the mango in the curry was a bit of a surprise. It would have been nice if mango chutney was served as a side instead of having mango slices inside of the curry. If fruit in curries or soups is your thing, then you’ll definitely take a liking to this particular dish!

I chose Mr White’s Billionaire Shortbread, Rich Caramel and Gold Leaf. The shortbread was served with some ice cream that had this silky, melt in your mouth taste. It was so good, especially when I ate it with the crumbs that were served on the side. The shortbread itself was creamy and scrumptious. It was everything that a traditional shortbread should be.
My cousin opted for The Box Tree Mess. It was garnished with fruit and it had a really rich and creamy taste. It was presented in a round, medium sized glass and was very enjoyable. Fruits, cream and sugar? What’s not to love?

I had a mojito and a glass of prosecco (as always!) and I enjoyed them both. The mojito was very fresh. You know you’re drinking an amazing mojito when the mint hits you with it’s invigorating taste. It had the right amount of sugar and it wasn’t watered down even though I took some time to drink it, which is always a plus. The prosecco was sweet, glorious and fizzy. My cousin also enjoyed her glass of wine, she said it was refreshingly sweet.

Overall, we did enjoy our food, the lovely atmosphere and in spite of the mishap with the dijon mayonnaise, the customer service was excellent.
Rating – 8/10
For more information about Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse Bar and Grill, click here
I hope you have enjoyed this post – as this is my first food review, do let me know what you think. I would like to do some more food reviews in the near future.
Kel xo

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  • jennasworldview
    October 23, 2018

    Everything on the menu looks really tasty. I have heard about this place before but I did not pay much attention to the it. After reading your blog, I think I just might give it a looking into.
    This review was very precise, I would not mind seeing more food reviews from you in the future.

    • Its Kelle's Space
      October 23, 2018

      The food tasted nice in spite of the little mishaps and the restaurant is really nice.
      It is worth visiting.
      Thanks for your feedback regarding food reviews – I’m definitely considering doing some more xx

  • TheSouthernerBlogs
    October 26, 2018

    Nothing I love more than a good foodie/restaurant post. Loved the photos of the restaurant and the food – really set the scene. I eat out a lot but haven’t checked out MPW, eager to do so now though.

    • Its Kelle's Space
      October 26, 2018

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked the photos.
      Yeah definitely check out MPW, the food is amazing! You’ll like it.

  • Welcome to In The Thick Of It Blog
    November 12, 2018

    The vibe and food look amazing here!

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