Why The Meridian Grand Is The Perfect Wedding Venue

Weddings are such a joyous occasion but there’s no denying the fact that planning a wedding can be very stressful. From finding the perfect dress to making sure the venue you’ve chosen is suitable, getting everything right in the run up to your big day can feel impossible. Some of us have already made our minds up in regards to the type of wedding we would like to have. Some of us have already started planning every little detail (whether we are actually getting married or not).
In this post, I’m going to be talking about wedding venues. The Meridian Grand is luxury conference, wedding, banquets and events venue in London. As one of London’s best wedding venues situated in the North of the city, no stone is left unturned when it comes to assuring that your special day is one that you will remember for years to come. Here are some reasons why I think that The Meredian Grand is the perfect venue for a wedding:
custom backdrops
A choice of ballrooms – There are two ballrooms in the venue. There is The Grand Ballroom and The Meridian Ballroom and both ballrooms can actually be combined into one space, so if you want a big wedding it would be perfect for you. One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is the guest list. Once you and your fiance have agreed on who you would both like to invite, you can then sort out the rest of the finer details.
Event management – Planning an event is not easy so you may decide to hire someone to help you. Although event planners don’t come cheap, lots of brides are choosing to leave their special day in someone’s else’s hands and who can blame them? 100% involvement with less stress? It’s a great idea. The Meridian Grand have a designated event coordinator available on your big day. They specialise in turning your dreams into a reality. Be weary with relying heavily on a event planner, make sure that you are happy with everything that is being suggested. After all, it is you and your partner’s big day.
Decor – One thing I like about this venue is the decor. All ballrooms are dedicated to a high standard. You are able to have the theme of your choice and customised lights are also available. The ballrooms have such a luxurious look and a virtual tour is available. When it comes to decor, coordination is key. Also, don’t be afraid to keep things simple. Sometimes going all out can take attention away from other things. Don’t forget to do some research to get a clear idea of what it is you want.
Cuisine – This is one of the most talked about aspects of any wedding. A part of celebrating the happy couple’s joy is by congratulating them, getting a glimpse of the bride’s beautiful dress and eating the food at the reception. At the Meredian Grand, you have the option of hiring your own caterer. A state of the art kitchen is also available so you won’t need to worry about the food getting cold. The reason why I think hiring a caterer is the best option is because there’ll be a lot more variety on offer. Food from event venues won’t really give you the freedom to have a certain preference. You get what you’re given and this isn’t necessarily for everyone.
Another place I think would make a perfect wedding venue is Botleys Mansion.
What’s your ideal wedding venue? What would you like your wedding day to be like? What tips would you give to brides-to-be?
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Kel xo

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  • Chloe Chats
    November 14, 2018

    These are stunning venues! My friend is getting married next year and early this year we had a look around some venues, we actually had a look at a marquee venue and it was surprisingly really pretty – obviously only good really for weddings in the Summer but it was a different idea! Thank you for sharing these 🙂
    Chloe xx

  • John Aiwone
    November 14, 2018

    The venue looks stunning all around, even though I’m not a fan of weddings at all. My brother and his girlfriend have recently gotten engaged and are head over heels about their planning at the moment, especially venues. I’ll definitely think about recommending Meridian Grand to them!
    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    • Its Kelle's Space
      November 14, 2018

      The Meridian Grand is a really stunning venue! That’s a really good idea, it’s such a beautiful hall! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 😊

  • Ashley Firth
    November 14, 2018

    You had me at ‘a choice of ballrooms’ wow this place looks amazing! The staircase is beautiful 🙂

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Why The Meridian Grand Is The Perfect Wedding Venue