6 Lessons I Learnt From ‘Navigating Everyday Obstacles’

This weekend, I was at the Google Pixel Curiosity Rooms. I heard about this venue about a month ago and I had intended to attend a talk there, so when I heard that supermodel Leomie Anderson would be talking about ‘Navigating Everyday Obstacles’ with the help of fellow model and influencer Munroe Bergdorf, I just had to be there.

The Curiosity Rooms are absolutely stunning so if you live in London, do check them out. I’m a big believer in inspiration coming in different forms. Some people have conditioned themselves to believe that they can only learn from people who are specialists in the field(s) that they want to get into, but this shouldn’t be the case. Listening and speaking to people from all walks of life is such a precious learning experience.

Leomie and Munroe were an absolute joy to listen to and I took so many gems from their talk which I wanted to share with you all:
Achieving your dreams
I think this is something that everyone has succeeded and also struggled with this year. Entrepreneurship has been glamourized to a great extent so its no wonder that millennials are really feeling the heat when it comes to chasing success. Two gems that really resonated with me were:
‘At the beginning of every day, write down your daily objectives and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve them all’.
Does anyone else have this terrible habit of snoozing every morning? I do. The last thing I think about when I get up every morning are my goals. I have decided that in order to channel this, I will start listening to some affirmations every morning and create a list as soon as I get to work. Working from lists is one of the most empowering and liberating experiences ever and that’s a fact! Don’t be afraid to set the tone for the day and keep your eyes on the prize.
‘Don’t put a timeline on your achievements’
You are never too old to receive a blessing so stop putting timelines on your achievements! In the age of social media, it is very easy to feel left behind or like you’re doing the bare minimum but when you feel like this, focus on what you have achieved and be proud of it! Don’t be afraid to celebrate achievements, no matter how small or big they are. Also, try not to compare your achievements as this can lead to a great sense of dissatisfaction. We are all on our own unique journeys.
Seek inspiration
‘Research people who inspire you’
In whatever it is you want to, there’s no doubt that you will be inspired by someone. Keep up to date with your role models on a regular basis. If you see anything that catches your eye, do jot it down. Jotting down things that you like about someone you admire will help you in your own endeavours. Just be alert as far as comparisons are concerned. Remember (as said earlier), you are on your own UNIQUE journey.
Positive affirmations will lift your spirits and both Leomie and Munroe talked about the power of speaking things into existence. Personally, whenever I feel like I can’t do something, I tell myself that I can three times. Negative talk is very defeating. The Bible says something about life and death being in the power of the tongue so be kind to yourself. Affirm, affirm and affirm some more.
Friendship Circles
‘Make sure your circle empowers, inspires and loves you’
2018 has been the year where many people have been figuring out where they stand as far as friendships are concerned. Munroe emphasised the importance of having friends who are supportive of you and she’s right. Friendships are all about give and take. Efforts need to be mutual and if you find yourself going above and beyond for someone who wouldn’t even lift a finger for you, it is time to walk away. Monitor your circle on a regular basis and make sure your friends are adding to your life, and not taking away from it.
Personal Development
‘Turn your weaknesses into strengths’
‘Be honest about your mood’
‘If someone is telling you no, find a way’
In an interview, an interviewer will ask you about a weakness you have but it is your job as the interviewee to ensure that you demonstrate you’re working towards turning that weakness into a strength. For example, something we can all relate to is proficiency in Excel. If this is a weakness for you in terms of skill, you will demonstrate that you are working on this by signing up for a course. This is the same energy you need to apply when it comes to turning your weaknesses into strengths. Have a solution in mind so that you don’t dwell on your shortcomings for too long.
We all have good days and we all days that aren’t so good. Honesty is the best policy. Listen to your mind and your body. If you’re having a Netflix kind of day, that’s fine. If you want to work on a personal project and switch off from all social media, that’s fine too. Self-care isn’t just about treating yourself. You’ve got to listen to your mind, body and soul. Be honest with yourself.
This year, I found myself wanting a new job and I waited almost three months for it to happen. It was hard because I was getting so many rejections. Instead of being defeated by them, I asked companies for feedback. Taking the feedback on board, I was able to apply for jobs in the sector that I wanted to work in and I was successful. The whole point of me sharing my story with you is to tell you all that you should never take ‘NO’ for an answer. There will always be another way. It may not be what you imagined but things will eventually fall into place.
I hope this post has provided you with many gems. I hope you are all inspired and ready to live your best lives in 2019.
As always, I love to hear from you all so your comments are appreciated. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.
Kel xo

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  • John Aiwone
    December 19, 2018

    “Honesty is the best policy” My favourite quote of the whole post Kelle 👊🏾 This was a fun and relatable read. I’ve come across Munroe on TV before. She’s so passionate and devoted to what she stands for so I’m happy to see a fellow blogger getting the same energy from her and benefitting from one of her talks!
    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    • Its Kelle's Space
      December 19, 2018

      Thanks Johnny.
      Munroe is amazing! It’s such a shame that the majority of people know her because of that L’Oreal drama.
      She was such a fantastic host!
      Thanks for reading 😊

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