Signs It's Time To Leave Your Church

2018 has been a very testing year for religion as a whole. It seems like no one can turn a corner without hearing something controversial about a religious establishment. Research has also found (on countless occasions) that millennials are leaving the church in droves. Even established church groups have confessed that retaining young people has been a challenge in recent years. I think this post is well overdue, especially during a time where the importance of self care has been extremely magnified. Self care isn’t just about your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. It’s about your spiritual wellbeing as well. Adopting and maintaining a peaceful spirit is the key to living the best life you can.
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This year, my spiritual wellbeing was in jeopardy. I had gone from praising God on a weekly basis to not going to church at all. During my three month hiatus, I didn’t turn away from God. I used the time to read devotionals, pray and meditate and honestly, I feel a whole lot better than I did when I was attending Sunday services. Eventually, I made the decision to find a new church as there was something that just wasn’t quite right. In this post, I’m going to share these signs with you all:
It feels like a chore – We have 24 hours in a day and there are 7 days in a week. A church service takes up no more than 2 hours of your time (ideally), so if you feel like you really can’t be bothered to go on many occasions, then this may be a sign that you aren’t being spiritually feed. Have a talk with yourself to determine what your issues are and don’t forget that you can talk to someone that you trust as well. Church should never feel like a drag. You should be excited to be in the company of other Christians.
The message goes over your head week after week – Sermons are the most pivotal part of any church service and any message delivered must be understood otherwise what’s the point? A powerful sermon needs to be relevant. It won’t change your life but it needs to enrich your life. Do you remember the first ever motivational video you watched? Or the first motivational book you read? You should feel refreshed and inspired by any sermon. From experience, I strongly believe that sermons should be relatable too. It’s 2018. Outdated viewpoints do NOT bring people together. Let’s keep it real here.
You are unhappy – Feeling unhappy and feeling like church is a chore are two completely different things. If the thought of being in a certain environment on Sunday mornings unsettles you, its time to consider moving on. Happiness comes from within but if something threatens your happiness, taking action is important. Again, reflection is key, so if you don’t like going to church it is time to ask yourself some serious questions. Weigh out the pros and the cons.
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The ministry is wrapped in controversy – At the end of the day, no one is perfect. We are all flawed. However, when controversy arises, it will definitely impact on the church and also everyone at the centre of the ministry. When some churches go through tough and transitional periods, you may discover things you never knew. Gossip stricken pews and power struggles can have such a negative impact on the experiences of others. There are politics in every industry, I’m aware of that, but some events are just too messy to be implicated in.
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Of course there are so many other signs that it may be time to move to another place of worship so when it comes to your spiritual health, do check in with yourself once in a while. Remember that as you embark on your journey with God, your happiness is paramount.
How do you take care of your spiritual wellbeing? Have you ever had to leave a place of worship? If so, then what was the driving force behind your decision?
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Kel xo

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  • seekingdivineperspective
    December 24, 2018

    I am so blessed to be in a church that exemplifies what the Body of Christ should be. The gospel is central to any message, and the people care for and love one another. (Emails go out frequently with someone’s needing a ride to the airport, a baby sitter, help moving, etc., and withing hours (or less) another email says, “need met!”)
    While some churches are filled when there’s a concert, but if there’s a prayer meeting you’re lucky to see a dozen people show up, this one’s Sunday night prayer meetings have literally hundreds turn out – almost as much as Sunday mornings. Evangelism is huge for them – most of the prayer requests are for unsaved family members, neighbors, or co-workers, and individual members start Bible studies with people that aren’t even believers yet! This is not a perfect church, but they are sincerely doing whatever they can to be obedient to the Word of God as they understand it.
    I will pray you find a church that ministers to you and gives you opportunities to minister the way this one does for me.

    • Its Kelle's Space
      December 24, 2018

      Thank you so much for sharing your story.
      As you said, no church is perfect but there are expectations. It’s the responsibility of an institution to make sure they are adding value to people’s lives and ultimately making a difference in the community.
      Thank you for your well wishes – I have found one that I am happy with so I will see how I feel over time.

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