The Single Life: Do’s And Don’ts

I've already written a few posts about relationships For this post, I've decided to do something different. I've collaborated with bloggers and they are going to share some pearls of wisdom with you in regards to the single life. The reason why I decided to do this is to let you all know that single life [...]


I’m Hosting An #AMAFeed This Weekend

This Saturday at 8pm, I'll be hosting my first AMA (Ask Me Anything) feed. An AMA event is a online platform where anyone can raise awareness of the things that they care about the most. As you know, I'm very passionate about all things lifestyle, wellbeing and beauty related, I will be answering questions in those areas [...]

10 Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself After A Break Up

 I've written quite a few posts about relationships and life as a single woman and its been amazing to read your comments, whether you're sharing your own personal experiences or an opinion, its so appreciated. This is another relationship related post BUT it is a little different than what I've done before... I have joined [...]

Dating Dealbreakers

Hi guys, welcome to my space! In this post, I'll be talking about dealbreakers in dating. Everyone has something to say when it comes to unacceptable actions during the dating period. Dealbreakers have been at the centre of many tweets, debates, relationship blogs, articles and even the odd video on YouTube. There is a big [...]