Celebrating Inspirational Women In Film

To celebrate the launch of the Oled TV from Panasonic, I am going to be telling you all about women in film that inspire me. Role models don't always have to be real. I think we have all been enamoured with a character from a movie or TV show, feeling like we could totally relate to them… Continue reading Celebrating Inspirational Women In Film


The Single Life: Do’s And Don’ts

I've already written a few posts about relationships For this post, I've decided to do something different. I've collaborated with bloggers and they are going to share some pearls of wisdom with you in regards to the single life. The reason why I decided to do this is to let you all know that single life… Continue reading The Single Life: Do’s And Don’ts


The Importance Of Being Social

Having a social life plays such an important role in keeping healthy, active and well. Socialising has so many health benefits and many research studies have proven that there is a link between being socially active and longevity. It's hard to do things you enjoy when work schedules and other responsibilities take up a lot of time. As… Continue reading The Importance Of Being Social

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10 Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself After A Break Up

 I've written quite a few posts about relationships and life as a single woman and its been amazing to read your comments, whether you're sharing your own personal experiences or an opinion, its so appreciated. This is another relationship related post BUT it is a little different than what I've done before... I have joined… Continue reading 10 Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself After A Break Up


How To Find The Perfect Deals Online

Searching for the perfect deal online can be such a struggle. Surprisingly, this hasn't put us Brits off online shopping. According to the Daily Mail, 95% of Britons buy goods from online retailers. One in four UK residents shop online at least once a week. The majority of us have horror stories about items that… Continue reading How To Find The Perfect Deals Online


How To Be An Educator And Still Have Time For Yourself

'Is there really such thing as a work/life balance when you are an educator?' Some of you will say yes, some of you will shrug and some of you will totally disagree but with whatever job you choose to do, finding a work/life balance is a necessity. As an educator myself, I do find it very… Continue reading How To Be An Educator And Still Have Time For Yourself