Its Kelle’s Space’s Top 10 of 2018

The past year has been a great one, a reflective one. I can’t believe it has been a year since I launched Its Kelle’s Space. Some of you may know that I started my first blog in 2011 and then left the bloggersphere for a while, but it feels so good to be back. One thing I knew is that I wanted my next blog to be different from Fashion, Love and Life.      I wanted a platform where I could educate, inspire and empower women to be great. Over the past 12 months, I hope I have inspired you all in one way or another.

Here’s a quick recap of what you loved most on Its Kelle’s Space:

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review – This was the first ever product review I did on the blog and I had no idea how popular it would be over the past year. Revlon have done a lot to channel diversity in their campaigns and through their product offerings, so I was glad to let you know what I thought about these wonderful lippies.

Revlon Colorstay Brow Mousse and Brow Pencil Review – And another one *DJ Khaled voice* – I reviewed these brow products from Revlon back in January. Brows are definitely a struggle and I think that the fact there are so many new brow products in the market doesn’t make it easy as well. Sometimes, all you need is a pencil, a little bit of mousse and you are good to go!

10 Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself After A Break Up – In this post, I teamed up with the lovely Wini Boansi to discuss getting your groove back. Break ups are so hard and at the time we teamed up on this post, I was still struggling with break up trauma so the fact that so many of you were able to relate was heartwarming.

Topshop Limited Edition Mini Lip Bullet Trio Review – It’s another review! (I think you guys are trying to tell me something). I received these adorable lip bullet trios from Topshop and I just had to let you all know what I thought about them. If anyone from Topshop does happen to read this, please introduce some more colours to the collection.

Signs It’s Time To End A Relationship – Dealbreakers! In 2018, I think everyone had to re-evaluate their expectations, boundaries and everything in between. In this post, I talk about signs it is time to walk away. Women especially tend to ignore red flags in the hope that things will change but the reality is that they never do. I’m glad I was able to share such a powerful message with you all.

MPW Steakhouse Bar and Grill Review  – This was the start of a change for Its Kelle’s Space. I decided to branch out into food reviews. I had the pleasure of going to Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in Folkestone in Kent. It is such a beautiful town. It’s a shame my cousin and I didn’t go on a sunny day but as you can see in the review, the food was the biggest highlight.

Juvia’s Place The Saharan II Palette Review – There isn’t an article about makeup for WoC that doesn’t mention Juvia’s Place. Investing in their Saharan II palette was something I had always wanted to do. The colours are so rich, so pigmented and they look amazing on darker skin.

Superdrug Vitamin C Review – Vitamin C has had a few moments this year. If Vitamin C isn’t a part of your skincare routine, you are missing out! I reviewed this serum from Superdrug a few months ago and I used the opportunity to drop a few gems about the benefits of Vitamin C on the skin. I will be reviewing another serum early next year (and yes, one of the ingredients is Vitamin C).

Lessons Women Can Learn From The #FraudBae Story – We all know what we were doing when the Fraud Bae thread started to ignite conversation on the Twitter timeline. Although the events were entertaining, this story opened a lot of women’s eyes to the fact that it is very easy for a man to take advantage. I think the biggest lesson to all women from this story is to get your standards in check and DO NOT lower them for anyone or anything!

Open Marriages: Do or Don’t –  This post was another collaboration with Wini Boansi, who is a YouTuber. The funny thing about Open Marriages was when I promoted this post on Twitter, one user criticised my choice of words and Wini also had to step in because she also got some of the heat. After that, I was so close to deleting the post but I reminded myself that we all come from different walks of life so our viewpoints won’t be the same. Some of you may remember that Wini was for open marriages and I was against them. The moral of this post is that it is possible for two people to have different views without ripping each others heads off. I hope to see more of that kind of energy in 2019.

What was your favourite post on Its Kelle’s Space and why?

Kel xo




Review: L’Oreal True Match Foundation and E.L.F Matte Lip Color

Hi guys, 

Welcome to my first ever product review on this blog.

I have decided to review not one but two products in this post: the L’Oreal True Match Foundation (in the shade 9.5 D/W Mahogany) and E.L.F’s Matte Lip Color.

I am not affiliated with either brand. I purchased both products last weekend from my local Superdrug and I wanted to share my thoughts about them with you.

First, I’m going to start with the foundation. When L’Oreal announced that they were launching the True Match foundation range, the beauty industry was taken aback (in a good way) because it seemed like one of the leading beauty brands of our time was finally embracing skin tone, gender and diversity. There are 28 shades in the range and L’Oreal claim that 98% of U.K skintones can find a match within the range.

I have used this particular foundation before. My cousin got married in October and we all had our makeup done and this foundation was used. On the day, I liked that it was long lasting (I didn’t really need touch ups as much), however I found that it was a bit too orange for my complexion. That was the only negative. I have a yellow undertone and if I wear a foundation that’s too orange-y, it’s a disaster.

Here’s a swatch of the foundation (Sorry about the quality of the image)…

And here is a picture of the foundation and lip color…

– very easy to apply – (as stated on the Superdrug website, the formula is velvety)

– imperfections are well hidden –  (I am currently working very hard to reduce the appearance of dark spots on my face and was surprised that I couldn’t even see them once the foundation had been applied)

– good for oily skin – (I have oily skin and this foundation stayed put for the whole day which was very impressive)

– value for money (£9.99 isn’t a bad price for a product that has so many benefits)

-matte finish (Having a matte finish with any foundation is a must. You don’t want to look like you have been frying bacon on your face)

*I do want to add that I used Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray to keep my makeup in place.*


– The shade offering. I think that, along with many beauty brands, L’Oreal still have some work to do in understanding the complexions of a WoC (they haven’t quite got it yet). As you can see from the pictures, I don’t think this shade is a complete match (you should choose a foundation shade that matches your neck) and if I go for the 10 (which is the next shade), it will be way too dark. I do think that L’Oreal need to revise these shades so that they can possibly introduce a shade between the 9.5 and the 10.

In spite of the above, I would definitely wear this foundation again. It’s easy to wear, sets well once a spray/powder has been applied and there’s also a guarantee of an improved complexion within 4 weeks (we will see if this happens)…

Now, here are my views on the E.L.F Matte Lip Colour (in the shade Scarlet Night)

I love a lip pencil, especially a matte one. If you suffer from oily skin, it is best to use lipsticks or lip pencils with a matte finish. E.L.F have a fantastic product offering and every single lip shade in this collection is amazing. The application process is a lot smoother with lip pencils (in my opinion) and I love how pigmented the pink shade is and that you don’t have to sharpen the pencil (you just twist it to get the right amount of product that you need).

My only cons are that it doesn’t last long and you do need to touch it up throughout the day (which is expected when you’re wearing a bright lippy I guess). I do have a product packaging con. Also, on the top of the pencil, there’s a a (almost burgundy shade) and the lip color itself is actually dark pink so this is a bit misleading.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and I will leave the product details below:

L’Oreal True Match Foundation (£9.99, Superdrug) Shade 9.5: Mahogany  

E.L.F Matte Lip Colour (£4.50, Shade: Scarlet Night 


If you have any questions about the products or you would like to make a comment, please feel free to do so.

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