Its Kelle’s Space’s Top 10 of 2018

The past year has been a great one, a reflective one. I can’t believe it has been a year since I launched Its Kelle’s Space. Some of you may know that I started my first blog in 2011 and then left the bloggersphere for a while, but it feels so good to be back. One thing I knew is that I wanted my next blog to be different from Fashion, Love and Life.      I wanted a platform where I could educate, inspire and empower women to be great. Over the past 12 months, I hope I have inspired you all in one way or another.

Here’s a quick recap of what you loved most on Its Kelle’s Space:

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review – This was the first ever product review I did on the blog and I had no idea how popular it would be over the past year. Revlon have done a lot to channel diversity in their campaigns and through their product offerings, so I was glad to let you know what I thought about these wonderful lippies.

Revlon Colorstay Brow Mousse and Brow Pencil Review – And another one *DJ Khaled voice* – I reviewed these brow products from Revlon back in January. Brows are definitely a struggle and I think that the fact there are so many new brow products in the market doesn’t make it easy as well. Sometimes, all you need is a pencil, a little bit of mousse and you are good to go!

10 Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself After A Break Up – In this post, I teamed up with the lovely Wini Boansi to discuss getting your groove back. Break ups are so hard and at the time we teamed up on this post, I was still struggling with break up trauma so the fact that so many of you were able to relate was heartwarming.

Topshop Limited Edition Mini Lip Bullet Trio Review – It’s another review! (I think you guys are trying to tell me something). I received these adorable lip bullet trios from Topshop and I just had to let you all know what I thought about them. If anyone from Topshop does happen to read this, please introduce some more colours to the collection.

Signs It’s Time To End A Relationship – Dealbreakers! In 2018, I think everyone had to re-evaluate their expectations, boundaries and everything in between. In this post, I talk about signs it is time to walk away. Women especially tend to ignore red flags in the hope that things will change but the reality is that they never do. I’m glad I was able to share such a powerful message with you all.

MPW Steakhouse Bar and Grill Review  – This was the start of a change for Its Kelle’s Space. I decided to branch out into food reviews. I had the pleasure of going to Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in Folkestone in Kent. It is such a beautiful town. It’s a shame my cousin and I didn’t go on a sunny day but as you can see in the review, the food was the biggest highlight.

Juvia’s Place The Saharan II Palette Review – There isn’t an article about makeup for WoC that doesn’t mention Juvia’s Place. Investing in their Saharan II palette was something I had always wanted to do. The colours are so rich, so pigmented and they look amazing on darker skin.

Superdrug Vitamin C Review – Vitamin C has had a few moments this year. If Vitamin C isn’t a part of your skincare routine, you are missing out! I reviewed this serum from Superdrug a few months ago and I used the opportunity to drop a few gems about the benefits of Vitamin C on the skin. I will be reviewing another serum early next year (and yes, one of the ingredients is Vitamin C).

Lessons Women Can Learn From The #FraudBae Story – We all know what we were doing when the Fraud Bae thread started to ignite conversation on the Twitter timeline. Although the events were entertaining, this story opened a lot of women’s eyes to the fact that it is very easy for a man to take advantage. I think the biggest lesson to all women from this story is to get your standards in check and DO NOT lower them for anyone or anything!

Open Marriages: Do or Don’t –  This post was another collaboration with Wini Boansi, who is a YouTuber. The funny thing about Open Marriages was when I promoted this post on Twitter, one user criticised my choice of words and Wini also had to step in because she also got some of the heat. After that, I was so close to deleting the post but I reminded myself that we all come from different walks of life so our viewpoints won’t be the same. Some of you may remember that Wini was for open marriages and I was against them. The moral of this post is that it is possible for two people to have different views without ripping each others heads off. I hope to see more of that kind of energy in 2019.

What was your favourite post on Its Kelle’s Space and why?

Kel xo




Sleek Hair Spotlight Wig Review

In this post, I will be reviewing the Sleek Spotlight Lace Parting Wig in the style ‘Bianca’.

I’ve always been a fan of Sleek’s makeup range. In the picture below, I’ve used their Contour and Highlight Kit in Dark. I decided to use the highlight shade as an eyeshadow and interestingly enough, it really compliments my skin tone. In my time, I think I’ve only bought one synthetic wig from Sleek but I was really interested in this style because of the colour, length and the tightness of the curls.

It has been a while since I have done a product review on the blog so I thought why not review one of my favourite wigs? I bought it a few weeks ago so I feel like now is a great time to let you know what I think about this addition to the Spotlight Luxurious Wigs collection.

As far as the packaging is concerned, Sleek didn’t disappoint at all. The wig came in a beautiful sky blue box which was quite large in size so I wasn’t worried about the wig being compressed or anything which is a bonus. Have you ever bought a wig or had it made only for it to spend a day or so on a wig head so that it should flatten out a little? I have and I don’t want to do it again so I was pleased that the box was so spacious.

The wig comes with a middle parting (as shown on the display wig) in the shop so all I needed to do was apply some concealer (or foundation) on it and I was good to go. Customers are advised that they can widen the parting if they want but I don’t feel it is necessary because if widening partings isn’t your thing, you could take it a step too far. For me, the parting was fine as it was. It’s shocking how many wigs without clear partings are still being sold in 2018. My advice is if the parting isn’t visible or clear enough to work with then don’t invest in the wig! If you are brave enough to toy around with your parting then use a Twinkie and handle the hair with care.

Another thing I like about this wig is the quality. On the packaging it is defined as 100% superior synthetic hair. It doesn’t shed as much as other synthetic wigs I’ve owned. Also, there are two clips at the side (inside the wig) and one at the back so it’s 100% secure. If I could give one piece of advice to whoever is interested in this gorgeous hair, I’d say DO NOT brush it. With curly synthetic styles, just run your fingers through the hair (paying a little more attention to the back) and spray it with some sheen no more than twice a week. If you brush out a curly synthetic style, the curl pattern will not return. You can use the world’s best curling iron and still, the hair will not shake, so don’t do it to yourself.

I’ve been wearing synthetic wigs for a while now and I lean towards more premium quality hair. I think that there is still a lot of stigma surrounding the maintenance of synthetic hair. The most important thing to remember with synthetic hair is that it just doesn’t mix with oil (no matter how amazing the quality is). The hair can tangle in a very quick amount of time and once this has happened, it’s chances of recovery are very slim.

The colour I decided to go for was TT1B/30. I’m guilty as charged when it comes to not experimenting with my hair. I always play it safe with colour 1B’s/2’s and I think I’ve had enough. I like dark blondes, browns and reds so I’m going to try and embrace these colours when it comes to my hairstyles in 2019.

Keep all maintenance simple and the wig will last. In regards to tonging the hair, the claim made my Sleek is that the hair is tongable at 200 degrees of heat. Do play it safe. With previous synthetic wigs I have owned, I’ve always started with 150 degrees first and then observed how the hair reacts to this. I haven’t been bold enough to tong at 200 degrees yet, I’ve stuck to 180 degrees max and it’s working just fine for me.

The only restriction with this wig is that there is one middle parting, however, the wig can be moved to the side if you would like. However, the wig looks better styled in the middle. In terms of price, the wig is £39.99 which is a pretty normal price for synthetic hair. As mentioned earlier, a large factor in the duration of synthetic wigs is maintenance. Less is definitely more.

The Sleek Spotlight Wig in the style ‘Bianca’ is priced at £39.99. If you would like to find out more about this style, then click here.

If there is anything else you’d like to know about this hair or synthetic wigs in general, then please feel free to leave a comment below.

Also, let me know what your thoughts on this post are and if you’d like me to do some more hair reviews on the blog.

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Its Kelle’s Space – One Year On…

Hey everyone!

Now some of you may or may not know that Its Kelle’s Space is one year old already! Time has flown by so quickly. Thank you for all of the likes, comments, shares, retweets. You all are so amazing and it’s because of you guys that I can continue to express myself using this platform.


We are days away from a brand new year and I would like to know exactly what you think of Its Kelle’s Space. I would appreciate if you could take just two minutes of your time to fill out this survey:

Its Kelle’s Space Survey

Please be as honest as you can and thank you in advance.

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I’d like to wish you all a joyous and prosperous New Year.

Kel xo

I’m Hosting An #AMAFeed This Weekend

This Saturday at 8pm, I’ll be hosting my first AMA (Ask Me Anything) feed.

An AMA event is a online platform where anyone can raise awareness of the things that they care about the most. As you know, I’m very passionate about all things lifestyle, wellbeing and beauty related, I will be answering questions in those areas but feel free to submit any other questions you may have too.

All you need to do is submit your questions here.

Please use the link I have provided above to submit your questions and I will be answering them on the AMA site – I’ll also share the answers on my Twitter page.

Kel xo


How I Look After My Crochet Braids

Hey guys, welcome to my space.

In this post, I’m going to be talking about how I look after my crochet braids. Since I decided to stop religiously relaxing my hair almost two years ago, crochet braids have been a Godsend. There are so many different styles to choose them and they are very easy to install (check out YouTube tutorials) so here is how I look after mine (with some words of wisdom to making your crochet braids last as long as they can)…

1) Try not to tie your crochet braids up all the time

2) Ensure your cornrows are small-medium size so they can keep your braids in place for longer

3) If you are a crochet braid newbie, look for hair from brands that comes with a loop or has ‘suitable for crochet braid’ or something along those lines on the packaging.

4) Feel the hair! Just like you would do if you are buying weave, open the packet and feel the hair to determine whether it’s good quality or not. Always feel the hair before you buy and read reviews too!

5) When you go to sleep, keep your braids down. Try not to sleep with them tied up as this can create tension which may leave you with a headache.

6) If you are doing crochet braids for the first time, use a mirror. I’ve been doing this for almost two years now and I still use a mirror.

7) Oil your scalp! I have bought a bottle which comes with a nozzle and I’ve put my favourite oils in it (olive, castor and jojoba) and I oil my scalp twice a week. Braids and a itchy head are a irritating combination so look after your natural hair while it’s in its protective style.

8) Research different styles and decide what will work for you. You may want curly hair crochet braids or Senegalese twists. Whatever you decide to do make sure you are happy, especially if you are getting them installed by a hairdresser.

9) Try not to be too forceful with your braids because as time passes, the cornrows will loosen and they won’t be able to hold your braids. So if you do want to tie your braids up, make sure you don’t do it too tight.

10) Buy an extra pack. So if 5 packs per head are recommended, buy 6. You may actually decide to go for a more fuller look so having an extra pack will stop you making another visit to the hair shop.

11) Treat your crochet braids like you would a weave. Don’t put too much spray or leave in conditioner on them because the hair will get tangled. Just use a small amount no more than once or twice a week.

I hope these tips have been helpful and feel free to share any that you may have.

Kel xo

How to: Managing Synthetic Hair

Hi guys,

So as promised in this post, I will be talking about synthetic hair and how you can manage it best. I am a huge fan of ‘wigging it’ (as I call it). Over the past year, I’ve found that I’ve been able to be more experimental with my hair (and it’s all down to wigs).

As a WoC, I am aware of what goes into looking for a perfect hairstyle. I think that the brand is one of the most important things as well as price, durability and also what other people say about the particular style of hair that you are interested in.

My wigs are all from Spell Beauty. I actually came across Spell Beauty by chance. I was looking for X-Pression’s Senegalese Twists in a smaller size and I messaged Outre, asking them where I could find the style in the U.K. They directed me to Spell Beauty and since then, I’ve been hooked. There’s something for everyone, no matter what you’re budget is, and all of the brands whose hair I’ve used, Sensationnel Empress Custom Lace Wigs are definitely my personal favourite.

I buy synthetic wigs because I think that, if looked after properly, you can definitely get your money’s worth. I’ve experimented with possibly every type of hair colour (black, dark brown, brown and most recently, red). With synthetic wigs, it’s all about how you care for them. With all wigs, you should treat them like they are your own hair.

IMG_6263So I’m going to share some tips with you on how I care for my synthetic wigs…

  1. Don’t be afraid to wash your wig – With most hair brands, there are washing instructions on the back of the package. They are there for a reason so don’t be afraid to follow them. Do not put your synthetic hair/wig on the heater to dry as this will ruin the hair instantly and you won’t be able to use it. What I like to do is swish my wig in some cool water with a small amount of ACV (apple cider vinegar) in it and then I hang it to dry.
  2. Embrace heat (to a minimum) – I think the biggest con as far as synthetic hair is concerned is that you can’t apply too much heat (because this will ruin the hair) but some brands have hair that is heat friendly (180 degrees and below). So you can curl or straighten your hair to keep it looking fresher for longer. When I tong or straighten my wigs, I will always use a bit of spray afterwards just so the hair doesn’t have that sticky ‘just been straightened or curled’ look.
  3. Maintenance is key – When you aren’t wearing your wigs, keep them in a safe place. Make sure they are covered in a pouch or a net. Try not to throw your wigs left, right and centre, especially if you’re wearing synthetic hair. They won’t last.
  4. Research – I think it’s so important to do your research because ideally you want your wig to last as long as possible. I used wigs from a brand called Trendsetter and after three weeks, the hair started to shed and the quality just took a bad hit so I had to buy another one (and the wig was £35!). I’m actually glad that I found the Sensationnel Empress range because the wigs are reasonably priced and the quality is amazing. The only thing I have to do on receipt of the wig is remove hair from the part and add a bit of concealer to give it that natural look.
  5. Don’t be afraid of oil – you can use a leave in conditioner and a bit of spray on your hair. I like to use Mazuri’s Leave In Conditioner on my synthetic wigs when they need to be refreshed. I use a spray from the same brand to give the hair a bit of shine.
  6. Don’t judge by price – You can buy a synthetic wig for £50 and after you’ve worn it once, you can have issues with it. You could later buy one for £25 and it can be the most amazing wig you’ve ever owned. Don’t discriminate when it comes to price.

The reason why I wanted to do this post is because there is a bit of stigma surrounding synthetic hair and I don’t really think it should exist. Some women keep their wigs for 3 months while others can keep theirs for a year and a half. I would say that it’s nice to also alternate between styles because if you wear the same wig day in, day out you will need to probably wash it every week just to ensure the quality of the hair remains good.

I’m going to share details of the wigs I am wearing in the picture below:

Picture 3 (top right hand corner) Empress Custom Lace Wig (Straight) – £29.99

Picture 4 (top left hand corner) Empress Custom Lace Wig (Bohemian) – £29.99

Picture 5 (middle picture, second row) Instant Fashion Wig (Couture Maylene, colour: DRBG) – £20.99

Picture 6 (last picture, right hand side, second row) Instant Fashion Wig (Couture Elena, colour: F1B/30) – £19.99 

The lovely team at Spell Beauty are offering It’s Kelle’s Space readers 10% off their first order – Use code WELCOME 10.

Have you worn a synthetic hair wig? What did you think? Are there any brands that you prefer? How do you make sure your synthetic hair wigs last? I’d love to hear some of your thoughts.

Kel xo