Superdrug Vitamin C Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review and I’ve been meaning to do one for ages. Recently, I’ve discovered the importance of Vitamin C in my skincare routine. If Vitamin C isn’t a part of your skincare routine, you are missing out. Vitamin C products were the most searched for products in 2017 according to The Telegraph . Vitamin C brightens and smooths skin. In addition to providing the skin with a more youthful appearance, Vitamin C has also been credited with removing dark spots and discolorations on the skin.

I’ve been using Vitamin C serums for about a year now and all the ones I have used were bought from Amazon . I find that the serums that are thicker tend to work better and faster but of course everyone is different, so some of you may disagree. Serums can be quite pricey in general so when I heard that Superdrug had launched a range of Vitamin C products, I was so excited. Accessibility and affordability? What more could a girl want? I’ve used the Superdrug Vitamin C Booster  and Superdrug Vitamin C Eye Cream  for about two weeks now and I feel that this is the right time to tell you my thoughts…

Superdrug Vitamin C Booster 

Superdrug claim that their Vitamin C Booster will detoxify your skin and leave it softer and brighter than before. I definitely noticed a difference in my complexion after a few days. Was it significant? No, but I liked that my skin looked more radiant. My skin did also feel softer after a couple of applications. I never apply serums on my skin without my moisturiser as I feel that’s how they work best. If you want radiant skin without having to wait, I would definitely recommend this product. At £4.99, it’s a steal compared to most Vitamin C products on the high street (which are a lot more expensive). As for reducing or removing my dark spots, I noticed a slight evening of my skin tone and that was it. If you follow me on Twitter, I’m always looking for dark spot remedies so I wasn’t totally satisfied with the outcome but I will continue to use this product.

The Superdrug Vitamin C Booster is priced at £4.99 and is available in stores and online.

Superdrug Vitamin C Eye Cream 

A high street Vitamin C Eye Cream is perfect and I was really excited to try this product. Unfortunately, it hasn’t done anything for me. Superdrug claim on their website that it will detoxify the skin but the reason why I bought this product was for the ‘brightening’ claim which is very clear to see on the packaging. My eyes are quite puffy right now and it hasn’t reduced them significantly. I like the roll on applicator and the fact that the product absorbs into the skin easily.

The Superdrug Vitamin C Eye Cream is priced at £4.99 and is available in stores and online.


There is a demand for Vitamin C as a beauty product – it has so many amazing benefits. What concerns me about both products is that Vitamin C isn’t one of the first 6 ingredients (on the booster it’s the 6th and on the eye cream it’s the 18th/19th). I do think Superdrug should label the product as infused with Vitamin C and not Vitamin C. In order for any product to be truly effective, the main ingredient ( in this case, Vitamin C) needs to be one of the first six ingredients listed on the packaging. I think this is definitely a factor as to why I haven’t seen any outstanding results as of yet.

If you fancy a quick skincare fix and you don’t have a lot of skincare issues, then these products would be perfect for you.

Have you used a Vitamin C product? Would you use a Vitamin C product?

As always, I love to hear from you all so feel free to leave a comment.

I hope you have enjoyed this review.

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7 Ways To Save Money (The Art of Reserving Your £££)

Before I begin, I just want to thank the readers for their dedication to Its Kelle’s Space. Without your comments, likes and RT’s I wouldn’t be able to share my passion for creating content with you all. I’m forever grateful, so thank you.

As we are approaching a new month, I wanted to talk about something we are all familiar with:


I’m going to talk to you about how to save your moolah! I was reading an article some time ago and someone had commented saying that they were addicted to saving money. Can you believe that? A lot of us need that same energy! (myself included). When you think about it really, saving money isn’t hard to do and it is a skill that we can all master. Here are some tips that have worked for me and appear to be working for others:


This is a word that we don’t all like to hear but in order to save and save well, one MUST budget. It is important to know where your money is going and how much of it you are spending between paydays. Something I have heard about is a digital bank called Monzo. Monzo are a digital, mobile only bank based in the U.K. They operate through a mobile app and a prepaid debit card. The bank also allows users to set a monthly budget. You can keep track of what you spend and they will also inform you when you are getting closer to your spending limit.

Another way you can budget is by using a spreadsheet. It’s your opportunity to make Excel your best friend! Spreadsheets are a great way of keeping in track of your finances as well as enhancing your skill set. There are templates you can use so don’t worry about having to make a budgeting spreadsheet from scratch!


Food prep

Popping to your nearest Pret to buy one of their delicious wraps on your lunch break may seen convenient but it is also very costly. Food prepping will save you a lot of money and time. I’m not saying you should have 5 different meals for 5 days in your fridge, but try to do your food shopping at the end of the week if you can. Stock up on groceries, snacks etc. Give yourself a budget and stick to it. Also, when food shopping, try to stick to supermarkets and not smaller branches (e.g: Sainsbury’s Local or Tesco Express) as they tend to be a lot more expensive. Try your best to remember to take a shopper or a few carrier bags with you in order to save your pennies. Something I have found that works for me is cooking every other day. It will save you time. Your fridge is there for a reason, use it 😊!


Paying for necessities in advance

We all have weekly and even monthly necessities that we have to pay for. I often find that sorting them out first makes it so much easier to budget. If your journey to work involves travel, you may want to think about getting a weekly or monthly travel card.  For bill and rent payers, you may decide to get a direct debit so the money comes out automatically. This makes it much easier to work out what you have left for the month. Don’t forget to examine your expenses from time to time. You may find cheaper broadband deals or maybe a different and much cheaper way to get to work. It’s the little things that do a lot.


Staying away from the shops

Do you find yourself going to the shops for one thing and then finding that you’ve bought five more things that you don’t even need? I’m sure some of you will be able to identify. A good way to combat this habit is to avoid shops altogether. Do your weekly shop for food but if you find you need other things (household items, cosmetics etc) then put some money aside once a month or every two months and buy what you need at once. Personally, I have found that when you frequently visit the high street, you will end up spending money you should be saving. I’ve worked in Marketing and I can tell you that companies develop strategies to keep you spending money through offers, incentives etc. Do your best not to fall into the arms of consumerism.

When it comes to online shopping, you may find it handy to unsubscribe from emails or send emails from certain brands you are tempted by to your spam box. That way, you aren’t inundated with temptation every hour of the day.


Stop going to clubs/parties

This is an unpopular opinion but I think going to clubs and parties on a regular basis is such a waste of money. Think about it. You go to the West End for a night out with friends. Entry is probably about £10 each, drinks are probably the same and by the time you’ve gone from club to club, you’ve spent about £100 already. Another reason why I’m not crazy about club/party life is that all attendees are doing is making the promoters or organisers rich. Why invest in someone else’s hustle when you can invest in your own?


Open a reward account

Reward accounts are a great way to save and make money too! For example, cashback current accounts reward customers who make everyday transactions. So whether you are paying household bills or making a transaction, you will get something in return. Before you commit, do use a website such as Money Supermarket to compare the best cashback current accounts as the features and benefits will change over time.


Plan your experiences

If you love to socialise, this tip is for you! Planning your experiences will save you so much time and money. Whether its a 3 course meal at a nice restaurant or a game of bowling, use websites such as Wowcher or Living Social and check out their deals. If you sign up to receive email alerts, you can get ££ off any purchase. What I like about Living Social is that if you haven’t visited the site in a while, they send you £5 vouchers which you can redeem against any purchase.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and if you have any tips on saving money, then please feel free to share them in the comments section.

Kel xo

Why Recommendations Matter!


Let’s talk about recommendations! They play such an important role in our society. Everyone has something to say about anything and everything! Influencers, bloggers v-loggers and many other creatives and public figures make a living out of telling us what they think about products, services and experiences. Research has proven that we are less likely to make a purchase without reading reviews or checking ratings (impulsive buyers, I’m talking to you). Recommendations can make or break a brand.

According to Forbes, 84% of people trust an online review just as much as a personal recommendation. I think we can all say that recommendations matter!

Here’s why I believe recommendations are important:

The Authenticity – No recommendations are ever the same. Everyone has an opinion to share and even if a product or service has 200 4-star ratings, the experiences of the consumers will differ. Recommendations also allow people to share their experiences wholeheartedly. In addition to sharing praise, a reviewer will also feel obliged to let other people know if there’s anything they need to be aware of. For example, if you travelled and stayed at a luxurious hotel that was in the heart of a certain city but discovered it wasn’t child friendly, you’d want fellow parents to know. With Brexit rumoured to send the U.K into another recession by 2020, I think we will all be interested in reading recommendations before we make a purchase.

The Easy Access – Even if you are interested in something and there are no recommendations available, you can always utilise your social media platforms to ask your followers what their thoughts are. There is power in personalization and reading about someone else’s experiences will definitely help you put your mind at ease. Another way you can gain fast access to recommendations is by using an app, which I’ll be telling you some more about later in the post…

The Visuals – We live in a social media age so we have become obsessed with sharing everything that happens in our lives. Recommendations have a lot more value when they are accompanied by pictures or a video. They also help to tell a better story than recommendations that have text alone. Knowing how the person is using the product/service, who they’d recommend it to and particularly if the product has changed something in their life are all crucial to the impact of any review.

The Decisions – We’ve all been there. Picture this. You are bored, relaxing in your room and you decide to do some online shopping. Before you click on the ‘order’ button, you review your basket and you may head back to the main page to check out what people have said. We have all done this (myself included). Recommendations are a great help during the decision making process. As consumers, we consider a variety of things such as value for money, features and benefits. We all want to feel important but we want to save money at the same time.

Imagine a place where you can ask or share personal recommendations from the comfort of your own phone? Well, that’s where Rekit comes in.

Rekit is a brand new app where you can ask for recommendations about literally anything – whether it’s health, events or the latest developments in fitness and even cuisine. The app features interests that will appeal to everyone! You receive recommendations straight away and you are even able to like the ones that appeal to you. In addition to this, all recommendations can be shared too.

Rekit is free can be downloaded on Android and IOS devices.

Where do you go to when you need a recommendation? Are recommendations important to you when deciding to make a purchase? Do you think influencers are overpowering the views of the modern consumer?

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

I always want to hear from IKS readers so do feel free to leave a comment.

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Tips for Creating Content For Your Blog

Last week, I asked fellow bloggers how long it takes them to write a blog post.


Here are the results:

Everyone is different and content creation isn’t something you’ll get to grips with immediately. You will toy around with many ideas/themes before you find the one that is right for your blog. In this post, I’m going to share some tips about content creation with you all. You don’t need to follow them intently but these are some things that have worked for me.


Ideas – As soon as you have an idea for a post, don’t start blogging. Take some time to think about it. Think about what you will say, whether you need to change your writing style and most importantly, if your readers will be able to relate to your content. I think as bloggers we sometimes need to remember to focus on the quality and not the quantity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to write a post and decided to trash it soon after because I just felt it wasn’t particurlarly something that my readers needed. Stats are also a great way to determine what your readers like. Check them regularly so you are aware of which posts are outperforming others.


Plan – Once you have an idea for your post and you are confident that your readers will be enticed, you need to create some sort of plan. Think of it like writing an essay (yes, I know no-one wants to remember their uni days). You’ll need to introduce the post and share what your intentions are. Now, this is where you need to be honest with yourself. If you are a rambler (we all have a tendency to be from time to time), then I highly recommend using bullet points. For example, if you are reviewing lipstick, you may want to focus on longevity, colour, price and packaging. By focusing on specific points, you are able to get a better understanding of what you would like to let your readers know.


Word count – What I’m not going to do is tell bloggers how many words their blog posts should have. It is completely up to you, however, depending on the type of post you create, you may want to think about your word count. In my case, when I’m reviewing a product, I try not to exceed 500 words (550 max). If you’re reviewing a destination, like I have done with BerlinParis and most recently, Venice, you’ll feel inclined to write more because obviously there is more you’ll need to share. There are exceptions but trust me when I say, keep your content concise. Think about the topic and your niche and plan whatever it is you want to share (only if you need to).


Stay worry free – We all aspire to be the world’s best content creators. In a perfect world, we’d be spending a LOT more time on our blogs, creating content, sharing it 24/7 and receiving an immense amount of comments and likes. The reality is that none of this is possible (unless you are a full time blogger and many of us are not). You can do the absolute most but your blog will still take time to grow. Trust the process, connect with others who are on the same journey as you and be patient. There are so many groups out there for bloggers, my favourite is this one. If you have any concerns or queries, you can leave a post on the group’s wall and someone will get back to you in no time. The blogging community is a very special one. You’ll be surprised at how many supportive bloggers there are out there.


Do you have any challenges when it comes to creating content? If so, then what are they? Maybe you have some words of wisdom to anyone who wants to develop with content creation? I always love to hear from you so please do leave a comment below.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Kel xo

Travel Tales – Venice

Last month, my friend and I took a trip to Venice. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy but I never thought Venice would be the first Italian city I visited. I always thought I’d go to Rome or Verona.

We took our British Airways flight from Gatwick, which took about an hour and 30 minutes. It was delayed so we didn’t get to Venice until 4pm. On arrival, we immediately planned our route to our hotel. It took about an hour overall as we were told we needed to take a bus and a boat. If you struggle with sea sickness then I don’t recommend visiting Venice because boats are literally the main mode of transportation, come rain or shine.

We stayed at the Hotel Ambassador Tre Rose in San Marco which is at the heart of tourist attractions in the city. It’s home to many iconic sights including the Doges Palace and St Mark’s Basilica. San Marco is such a beautiful area and there is so much to see and do. One of the things I love about Venice is that most attractions/shops etc were in one place so you could just walk to different places with ease. I would recommend taking lots of flats and not doing what I did on the first evening: thinking I could walk in heels and do it successfully (What was I thinking?). As my friend and I were walking around, looking for restaurants, we discovered very quickly that San Marco is quite pricey. Thanks to a helpful shopkeeper, we were told that all the reasonably priced places to eat are by Rialto Bridge.

As I was in so much pain (and yes I’ve learnt my lesson), we decided to stop at Al Vaporetto for dinner. The food wasn’t extraordinary but their wine was absolutely amazing. I’d never had bruschetta before so it was nice to finally try it. It’s a very tasty appetizer. One thing I noticed while dining in Italy was how expensive calamari was, and this restaurant was no exception. If you follow me on my socials, you will know how much I love calamari so that was a bit of a shame.

On our way back, we discovered what I think is possibly one of the best ice cream places in the world, Venchi . My favourite was the Raspberry Sorbet. It tasted divine. They also sell chocolate too.

The next day, we decided to tour the local area. Our first stop was Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge). Rialto Bridge is definitely one of the most popular tourist attractions. I’ve visited a few cities in the past year or so and I don’t think I have ever seen people take such interest in one place. If you want to see the Rialto Bridge, I would recommend going between 6-7pm. It’s worth it because you get to see such a gorgeous view of Venice.

The view from Rialto Bridge

Venetians are very talented artists. There were so many lovely stalls and I couldn’t help but admire all the portraits.

Later, we had lunch at a nice Chinese restaurant. It was decorated with beautiful red lamps and lots of leaves. After lunch, we went to San Giacomo di Rialto. It’s a gothic church dating back to circa 1071 CE and it has a large 15th century clock on its facade. I always visit at least one church when I’m on holiday. I’m always fascinated by the decor and the history of churches in other countries.

San Giacomo di Rialto

There are so many fresh juice stalls selling juice for 2 euros. It was very hot in Venice, so dehydration isn’t an option. By day two of our trip, temperatures had reached 35 degrees.

Fresh berry juice from a juice stall near the Rialto Bridge

On Day 3, we decided to tour the surrounding islands. In the morning, we spent some time in Piazza San Marco, browsing local shops and grabbing a quick bite to eat before we had to go and catch our boat. Our tour guide was lovely and well informed, which always helps. We visited three different islands: Burano, Torcello and Murano. In Murano, we had the chance to see an artisan at work at a glass making factory. He created two beautiful objects. There was also a store on the top floor of the factory where we were able to see more beautiful creations. Phones were banned so I have no pictures or videos from the shop unfortunately.

Beautiful pieces of art from the glass factory in Murano, Venice

After that, we got on the boat and headed towards Torcello. Torcello is a beautiful island. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of residents. We had about 30 minutes to spend there so we walked by the canal and visited some old buildings which was really nice. Almost every building in Venice has such a rich history so you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about your surroundings.


Once we were done in Torcello, we made our way to Burano. Burano was about 30 minutes away from Torcello. I was so excited because I knew that’s where all of the colourful houses are. I’m sure this island is one of the most colourful places in the world. Apparently, the residents painted their homes in bright colours so fishermen could see them in thick fog.

Houses in Burano

On Day 4, we decided to spend some more time in the area surrounding the Rialto Bridge. We went to stalls, got some souvenirs and treats and we had such a great time. One thing I wish we had done was gone to different areas in Venice but San Marco was THE place to be in because everything was there. It wasn’t until we were on our way to the airport that we discovered there was a Sephora in the city. I’m glad we discovered this at the end because I did some serious damage to my bank account when I went to the one in Paris.

Overall, I think that Venice is a lovely city to visit if you fancy a short break. The weather is good and there is so much to see and experience. I wouldn’t recommend travelling to Venice alone because finding your way around can be challenging and it’s not as commercial as other European cities such as Paris or Amsterdam.

One thing I wasn’t happy about was how some Venetians received women of colour. As I mentioned earlier in the post, it was 30+ degrees for the duration of our stay. Within hours, my complexion started to change and this actually bothered me for a moment in time as people were constantly giving my friend and I very strange (and sometimes dirty) looks. I actually thought my friend wouldn’t get as much looks as I did because she is mixed race but that wasn’t the case. As black women in Venice, we were either looked down on or fetishized and it was quite appaling. I’m sharing this with you all because I owe it to myself and my readers to be honest. A few incidents did threaten the enjoyment of our stay but I would consider travelling to another Italian city again.

Have you ever been to Venice? Have you been to another Italian city? What did you like? What were your favourite sights? I love to hear from you all so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading this post. I’m still getting used to creating travel content hence the excessive detail but I hope you enjoyed reading. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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How To Have The Perfect Cosy Night In

As the sun makes an exit and we all start to embrace our winter jackets, many of us will be choosing cosy nights in over fun nights out, and you know what? That’s perfectly o.k. To celebrate the launch of the new Oled TV from Panasonic, I’m going to be sharing tips on how you can have a cosy night in. Being a millennial doesn’t always revolve around  going to every party possible and downing every drink or shot in sight. Sometimes, we owe it to ourselves to just stay indoors, with no explanation needed!


A show or two is involved – There is nothing I love more than to watch my favourite TV shows, especially after a long day. Whether I log into Netflix or sit down on the sofa to watch some TV, there really is no greater pick me up out there. I’m a self confessed old soul so I love The Golden Girls – I think they’re all amazing and unique in their own special way and I admire the writers too because they touched on so many stigmatised issues during the shows 7 year run such as disability, sexuality, mental health and even relationship do’s and dont’s.


When I’m not watching my favourite comedies, I’ll watch Power or Greenleaf. Before I forget, no winter is complete without watching Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor on a Saturday night (no matter how bad the latter gets!).


Snacks, snacks and more snacks – A cosy night can never be complete without your favourite snacks by your side. As some of you may know, I’m a sweet and salty popcorn enthusiast, I just love the stuff! I really like Metcalfe’s one. It’s sweet but not too overpowering and it has 114 calories. What’s not to love?! What are your favourite snacks?


Cool company – Great company makes those cosy nights in extra special. Perhaps you want to relax with your family or invite a friend or even your significant other over. All you need to do is put your feet up, keep warm and have a lovely time.


Transform the ambience – Get yourself a reed diffuser! I love the combination of essential oils with powerful fragrances. They are environmentally friendly and they don’t require any smoke in order to work. Reed diffusers will leave your home smelling amazing. I love floral smells so this lavender one from Holland and Barrett would be just perfect for me. What are some of your favourite scents?


What are your essentials for a cosy night in? I love to hear from you all as always, so do leave a comment below.

Kel xo



How To Stop Comparison From Stealing Your Joy

Comparison is defined as ‘the act of looking at things to see how they are similar or different. When you think about it, comparisons do play a role in our day to day lives. We are always looking at things, developing perceptions and then acting on them (if need be). In this post, I’m going to be focusing on comparisons from a different angle.

I created a poll on Twitter asking my readers what they wanted the next post on IKS to be and the majority of tweeters voted for this one. As we live in a ‘social media’ age, it doesn’t surprise me at all that most millennials (myself included) can fall under the spell of making comparisons. A wise man once said ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ and they were right. There is honestly no joy to be found when you compare your life to that of another. We have all been created for a reason, we all have a purpose and we all run our own individual races. Nobody’s journey will ever be the same.

Here are some ways that you can stop comparison from stealing your joy.

Understand that you have a choice

It’s easier said than done, but when you are comparing your life to someone else’s or wishing you looked like your favourite influencer on Instagram, you are choosing to deprive yourself of joy. We live in a social media age where everyone wants to brag about their achievements or tell the world that they are ‘living their best lives’ on any given occasion. This is the unfortunate state of our society. Channel your energy into focusing on you. Think about what makes you happy and how you can stay positive.Take a break from social media if that’s the source of your dissatisfaction. Sometimes, if I find myself spending a bit too much time on social media, I’ll write something up for the blog or I’ll listen to some music. I’m also a huge fan of meditation. It’s fantastic for promoting a sense of inner peace and calm. If you like the idea of meditating, check this out.

giphy-downsized (73)

Focus on you

Sometimes, we spend so much time worrying about what others are doing and saying that we forget to focus on ourselves. It’s O.K to feel like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to certain areas of your development. Instead of trying to keep up with people around you, think about some personal goals you would like to achieve. Is there a course you’d like to do? or Maybe you need to watch a inspirational video or listen to a podcast that relates to your vision? Constant comparisons do rid you of one of the most important elements of being: time. Spend your time on things that are important to your wellbeing.

Be grateful

Gratitude is so important. It is hard to be grateful in a world that is constantly telling us we need more, particularly in the material sense. In times when I need to practice gratitude, I remind myself of how far I have come and what I have achieved. Once I think about the gift of life, I’m reminded to stay present and that what God has for me is for me. Another thing you could do to practice gratitude is to keep a journal. Write down the things you are most grateful for every day. Alternatively, you could write your achievements down on small pieces of paper, keep them in a jar and then look at them as a reminder. As I’m more of a writer, I find it easier to keep a journal. There’s never one fixed way to be grateful, so do what is right for you.

Avoid triggers

Triggers are ever present and sometimes all it will take is a certain image, post or article to make us feel a certain way. If you are able to identify your own triggers, then try and distance yourself from them. For example, if you know you aren’t in the greatest of moods, you may decide not to use social media for the day. Taking the time out to ensure you are OK is not a crime. Another way to avoid triggers is to develop a routine. Instead of checking your phone first thing in the morning, why not pray or meditate or just simply spend a few minutes planning your day.

Ceasing to compare yourself with others has become one of life’s most difficult challenges. We live in a world where everybody wants to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. In the midst of the madness, always remember to focus on you. If there’s an account you need to unfollow: do it. If you need to take a break from socialising: do it. Your inner peace and happiness is paramount to your wellbeing. Don’t take it for granted.

Lastly, I’d like to add that nobody’s journey will ever be the same. Embrace your lane, slay in it, be thankful for it. There is a reason for your season.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, please feel free to let me know what you think.

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5 Things I Have Learnt About Blogging

I’ve been blogging since 2011 so I’m not really new to the game, however, I have noticed that the blogosphere has changed so much since I first started blogging.

In this post, I’ll be sharing five new things that I have learnt about blogging since It’s Kelle’s Space was launched in December 2017.


Never stop promoting your material

Yes, it’s pretty self explanatory but promoting your material is key to increasing your blog views. You never know where your next follower or collaborator may come from so always spread the word, whether your content is 4 weeks old or 4 months old. Most of my views are generated via my Twitter account so I aim to promote at least 4-5 different posts on there a day. Also, when you promote your posts, don’t forget to use hashtags and tag pages which promote content from bloggers. Get involved in blogger threads or conversations and just do your best to stay active, even if you decide to take a blogging hiatus, like I did in May this year.

Create a media kit

Many bloggers are embroiled in a debate about this but in my opinion, a media kit is absolutely necessary. If you are approaching a brand or a fellow blogger, you’re probably going to end up writing huge paragraphs as to why you should work together which is a little pointless. A media kit summarises your successes and what you expect from different opportunities and it’s also a much better way to present any information you’d want a potential collaborator to know. I created my media kit on Canva. There are so many wonderful templates you can choose from. If you don’t fancy using Canva, there are other websites you can use such as Adobe Spark for example.

When it comes to content, don’t force it

This has been one of the hardest challenges for me because when I had my first blog, Fashion, Love and Life, I blogged about everything (well, in my defence I was 21 years old so I had the time) and anything. Making sure your content is relevant will make or break your blog. If you have what I like to call ‘lightbulb’ moments on a regular basis, that’s amazing, but take time to think any potential post ideas through and if you discover an idea has no substance, leave it be. Something else that can help you determine what content to create are your stats. I’m obsessed with checking how well my posts perform by the week, month and quarter. This helps me to get a good understanding of what my readers want.

Support other bloggers

I’m a big advocate for bloggers supporting bloggers, influencers supporting influencers and so on. There is enough room for everyone to succeed so don’t hesitate to follow other blogs, regardless of their popularity. Also, share or retweet posts from other blogs too. If you do make an effort to share the work of others, people are more likely to share your work too. Make conversations with other bloggers, direct bloggers to opportunities, attend events etc.

Be consistent

Again, another challenge in the world of blogging. Consistency is so hard to conquer but it’s a must if you really want to establish yourself as a blogger. Right now, I’m trying to post at least twice a week. I plan my content well in advance. The majority of blog platforms allow you to schedule and edit posts so do take advantage of that. I also find that being consistent involves keeping informed. Pay attention to what people online are talking about in regards to your niche. Also, don’t forget that you can find inspiration for a post anywhere. Don’t limit yourself.

Lastly, I’ll just say that the key to successful blogging lies in being true to yourself. As long as you’ve found your niche, you will be able to produce amazing, thought provoking content. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through too. Create a calendar for content scheduling if you need to and most importantly, don’t forget to use data and hyperlink.

I hope you have found these tips helpful.

I’d love to know what you have learnt about blogging so far.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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How To Put On Lashes: For Beginners

I’ve been meaning to create this post for ages because whenever I’m out and about, at least one person will ask me how I apply my lashes. If anyone told me last year that I’d know how to apply lashes independently, I would have laughed in their face!

It is actually quite easy to apply lashes but it will take a few attempts before you get it 100% right so don’t give up! In this post, I’m going to share some lash application tips with you. I’m not an expert, these are simply some things that have worked for me, that’s all.

Lash bands are everything – I find it easier to apply lashes that have thick lash bands. When the lash band is thick, I feel like I’m able to have a firmer hold on the lash. I do struggle with lashes that have thin bands. So for first timers, I do recommend buying lashes with a thick band. Kiss Cosmetics sell some lovely ones. I’m not affiliated with the brand in any way, I just think their lashes are awesome. If you missed my review, you can check it out here.

Mirrors – In order to apply lashes, you need a mirror. Even the pros can’t apply them without one. Personally, I prefer to use the mirror in my room to help me. I can’t hold a compact mirror with one hand and apply a lash with the other. My poor coordination skills won’t allow me to do that. You may find this works better for you as well. Stand close to a large mirror in your bedroom or bathroom, tilt your head up slightly and then place the lash just above your lash line.

500x700mm Cambridge Clotted Cream Framed Mirror

Getting your lashes to stay put – This is the hardest thing to do. I’ve seen so many comments from beauty enthusiasts who have given up because of this. If you have tried to apply the lashes before, make sure you remove any glue residue. Also, place the lash where you want it to go (without glue) before you actually put it on (with glue). This will help you because you’ll know exactly where you want it to be. Lastly, I try to hold the lash at either end (separately) for about 10 seconds. After that, I don’t touch them, I just wait for them to dry (approx 3-4 mins). It’s important to let your lashes dry so try not to touch them as they are drying.

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Style does matter – I would definitely recommend researching different styles before you buy lashes. Also, do take your face shape into consideration. There are styles that have been made specifically for a certain face shape. In addition to this, you can always look for reviews on lashes that you may be interested in. Sometimes reading or listening to the views of others can help you make a choice.

Patience is a virtue – As I said in a earlier point, you’ve got to be patient. If it’s your first time wearing lashes, don’t try and apply them when you’re in a hurry because you will probably get it wrong. Take your time, use a good amount of glue (not too much) and ensure you can see what you are doing properly and I’m sure you’ll be applying lashes in no time!

My favourite lashes are from Oh Your Lash – I’m wearing style 901 Silk Lashes. If you do see anything you like on the Oh Your Lash website, then use the code ‘KELLE15’ for 15% off your purchase.

As always, I love to hear from you all and I do hope you have found these tips useful.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer them.

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