15+ Goals To Set In 2019: Here’s Some Inspiration From UK Bloggers

The word ‘resolution’ doesn’t really sit well with me and that’s because of its affiliation with the New Year. Towards the end of the year, we vow that we are going to implement some extraordinary changes into our lives such as going to the gym six times a week, giving up on chocolate or going to bed before a lot earlier and it just never really pans out the way we want, does it? Goals are a lot healthier than resolutions because they are realistic. Once you’ve set a goal, you constantly work towards it. You lean on others for encouragement and most importantly, there is no deadline.

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In 2019, let’s not be strangers to pace. Being patient with ourselves is so important. We are human and there are times where we won’t be very motivated but optimism is key. After all, as a wise man once said, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve teamed up with a few bloggers to share their goals for 2019. I will also be sharing mine at the end along with a New Year meditation. I hope you enjoy this post and I hope it inspires you all to be your best self and to live your best life:

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Abbey from Life and Relationship Issues:

I would love to work on living my best life yet, good mental wellbeing and focus more on self development.

Charlotte from Memoirs and Musings:

Lose my baby weight (aka all the unnecessary weight I’ve put on since I was a baby), keep travelling, start my brand and STACK MONEY.

Abbey from Abbey Louisa Rose:

My New Year’s resolution is to plan some more solo travel trips! I started solo travelling in 2017 and it was such a fantastic experience, it did wonders for my confidence and I’d recommend it to anyone! I’d love to go to Rome so that’s definitely on my 2019 bucket list 😀

Amy from All About A Mummy:

Hi, my resolution is to bring more of my voice into my writing. This is something I have started thinking about this year but I want to push further. To feature more opinion pieces, to be more passionate and feel confident the blog is a true reflection of my thoughts, values and opinions.

Emily at Hippie In Lippy:

Mine is to focus on my growth.
To grow my confidence and self worth.
Believe in myself and my abilities.

Amy at She’s So Wilsy:

My goal is to stop over thinking! What ultimately holds me back from reaching my goals is wanting things to be perfect straight away. Instead of spending endless time researching, thinking, analysing and googling (and procrastinating)… just do it!! Because if you don’t than how much am I really achieving you’re not achieving.

Sometimes good enough is good enough! I’m gonna start doing mini-goals to help me with this. Its literally just having a goal in mind and seeing how you can break that goal into something even smaller. That way it’ll be easier and quicker to do and because it’s more achievable, that will make them more motivational.

Sarah at The S Road:

My goal this year is to do a solo motorbike trip in Europe. I have a weekend in Wales planned already but I’d love to ride around the alps or ride to the French coast on two wheels. I unfortunately missed out on doing a trip in 2018 as I broke my foot so I have a bit of catching up to do!

Victoria at Married Meeples:

My goal is to start a business around my hobby (graphics design) to bring in some much needed extra cash. In 2018, I was hoping that hobby would be blogging but it turned out much harder than I thought!

Victoria at Travel Vixta:

My goal for 2019 is financial – to save an emergency fund. Being self employed I always panic about money and get anxious every month until I know my earnings are enough for that month. To ease this I want to save a substantial emergency fund so I have some security and don’t have to worry every month. I’m hoping to be better at budgeting and spending less in 2019.

Lauren at My Lavender Tinted World:

One of my goals for 2019 is to have my book published. I’m working on the 2nd draft and think I should be shown to self-publish before this time next year.

Gemma at Yorkshire Mum of 4:

My life goal is to complete my AAT in accounts and my blogging goals are to reach 20k following on socials in 2019. 

Natalie at Couch To Runner:

I want to run 1000 miles next year, run a sub-2:30 half marathon and a sub-5:30 full marathon. Along the way I’d also like to improve my 10k time to sub-65.

Kate at Hitchens’ Kitchen:

I’m going to put more of my yummy healthy baby and kids recipes on my blog! I spend so much time planning and making I haven’t got round to putting them up yet but that’s the plan for 2019, at least one a week so I’ve got 52 by 2020!

Matt at Pages of Knowledge:

I currently have a list of 45 personal/business goals for 2019 (which I will be reviewing throughout the year via Monthly Goal Reports on the blog). 2019 is all about Assets. A couple of them are; to write & self publish 8 books on kindle by 31st Dec. Write & publish a minimum of 50 Blog posts by 31st Dec. Spend quality time with Friends & Family to relax & create memories.

Emma at Bee Money Savvy:

My 2019 is to start enjoying myself. In 2018 I found that by wanting to always do better I was forgetting to actually enjoy the good things that I’ve achieved.

Louise at Louise Alexa Sharp:

I achieved all my goals this year. Everything I wanted to achieve, I did. And I feel a bit underwhelmed. So this year, I’m not setting any goals. I’m just going to blog completely as myself. Write about what I want, in the style I want, without caring who reads it, or what anyone else thinks. Maybe my goal for 2019 is to feel more liberated.

Daisy from Daisarella:

My goal is to be the most confident I’ve ever been, and that will be through changing my diet and overall lifestyle.

Laura at Pounds from Pennies:

My goal for 2019 is to get my finances in check and learn more about money other than spending it! I’ve started a blog to document my journey and hopefully help others over at poundsfrompennies.com when looking for personal finance blogs to follow the majority are mums or the ‘debt’ they’re paying off is student loans or mortgages which isn’t my circumstances. So I’m trying to relate to any 20 something who’s spent their money on holidays and adventures and came back to reality with a bang!

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the bloggers mentioned for sharing their goals. I hope you achieve them all in 2019 and I wish you a very happy New Year.

My goals for 2019 are (in no particular order):

Travel more

Save more money

Focus on my career

Exercise regularly (with consistency)

Meditate regularly (again with consistency)

Maintaining relationships with friends and family

Branch into content writing and start creating content for well known brands within my niche

Possibly start dating again (it’s not by force so I’ll just play it by ear)

Identifying a niche for IKS and possibly creating a lifestyle brand

Educating myself (so networking, attending seminars, listening to podcasts etc)

Stay committed to self care (in all forms)

Goals can always be refined or expanded on over time, so as I mentioned before don’t beat yourself up if you fall off, just remind yourself of how far you have come and be consistent! Here is a New Year meditation I found a few days ago on YT.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your commitment to keeping up with Its Kelle’s Space. Your likes, comments and follows mean so much to me. Please feel free to comment with your own 2019 goals or if you were inspired by any of the ones that were shared, let me know!

Happy New Year! Here’s to a peaceful and prosperous 2019!

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Kel xo








Dear 2018: Thank You, Next

What a year 2018 has been! Am I the only one who can’t believe how time has just flown by?! When I look back and reflect, I definitely didn’t think I would be where I am now. One Twitter user asked people to share life lessons they had learnt this year and I couldn’t help but share a few pearls of wisdom.


These pearls of wisdom are the focus of this post. So I will be elaborating on each lesson learnt and how I believe it has helped to make me become a better person. As always, I encourage you to get involved and share your own lessons from 2018 and of course, your hopes for 2019!


Lesson 1  – I am stronger than I thought I was 

My faith and my entire existence has been tested so much this year. You know what they say about things coming in three’s? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me. I won’t go into too much detail but it all started the day after I came back from Venice. Never have I had a holiday glow disappear so quickly! At the time, I actually believed the three trials I experienced had come to destroy me and staying positive was incredibly hard. One day, I came across a quote by Maya Angelou which said ‘ You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated‘ and I was able to relate.

I’ve stared defeat in the face so many times and for those of you who have struggled with mental health problems like I have, the temptation to just give up often rears it’s head. Thankfully, I was able to overcome the difficult season in my life. It doesn’t mean that I am immune from tough times but I was surprised by my strength, my resilience and the power I had to accept what was happening and also to strive to make things better for myself.

Lesson 2 – It’s OK not to be OK

In 2018, the stigma around mental health significantly reduced. People are a lot more open about their struggles, myself included. Tuning in with your mood is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Just be honest, be your own best friend. If you are having a bad day, acknowledge it. If a negative mood is consistent, you may need to speak to a friend or go to your GP. Self care isn’t just about eating great food and having spa days, it’s about taking proper care of you.

Every single person on this earth has a bad day, so when you’re feeling down don’t alienate yourself from your emotions. Going to therapy for the second time in two years made me feel so ashamed. I spent many nights crying my eyes out and thinking about people who I felt would need therapy more than me. I remember telling my therapist that I shouldn’t be sat in front of her because I never used to feel down or depressed. I remember being the bubbliest person in the world but reality is that as you get older, life comes at you fast so open up, talk to people you trust and work towards having a better, healthier outlook on life.

Lesson 3  – Live your best life

This year for me has been all about experiences. Whether it’s holidays, concerts, nights out with friends: I really have lived in 2018! It’s amazing how one trip to Amsterdam made me want to travel more. I have had the pleasure of going to Berlin, Prague, Paris and Venice this year. A goal of mine for 2019 is definitely to travel more as I have a few destinations in mind. I definitely want to go back to Paris again as I just had so much fun and it was my first solo trip. A friend of mine said there was no way I could travel solo and I saw that as a challenge and then booked Paris. When the train was leaving St Pancras, I started to well up a little because I realised what I was about to do but you know what? I’d do it all over again if I could.

When it comes to living the life that you want, don’t have a heavy reliance on others. Maintain your friendships but don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do. Take yourself out to eat, visit another town for a day, go to the movies by yourself. Enjoying your own company does not mean you are lonely. You learn a lot about yourself when you experience different things. Plan things in advance and also try to do something that you’ve never done before. Personally, I hate being outside of my comfort zone but once I’ve done new things, I feel really good after. Some of you may be able to relate.

Lesson 4  – Sometimes, no matter how hard you want to hold on, you’ve just got to cut certain people off

Why is it that whenever you appear to have your s*** together, someone from your past decides to try to make a reappearance into your life? There are probably so many answers to that question which I’m not going to go into now but it is a thing. People from your past can smell progression and happiness and all those lovely things, so they decide to come running back. I love to give people the benefit of the doubt but one day, I had to take a good, hard look at myself in the mirror and just admit that I need to let go of certain relationships in my life. Having people who are no good in your life can seriously disturb your aura.

Strangely enough, when I became single, I came to the realisation that certain relationships in your life can drain your energy if you are not careful. You need to discern which ones do. Forcing relationships is something I have refused to do in 2018. Time also doesn’t determine the quality of a personal relationship, this is another lesson I have learned. Sometimes, cutting people off is just the right thing to do. Cutting people off isn’t about proving a point. It is about acceptance. Acceptance is just about seeing things as they are and moving forward with grace.Evaluating all relationships in my life has now become something I do on a regular basis. If something or someone just isn’t adding value to my life, they have got to go.

Lesson 5  – Don’t rely on the validation of others when it comes to being your true self. BE authentic, BE you!

Seeking validation is the most exhausting sport anyone can engage in. Trying to be everything to everyone will never bring you the joy you desire. As I sat in conversation with my therapist, we talked about seeking approval from others. It is funny how most of our less than perfect traits can be linked back to our childhoods and I do remember a few events where I was made to feel like I had to be a certain person in order to be accepted.

Addressing this in therapy was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Knowing who you are and developing a sense of self worth will take you far. You are valued, you are important and you are loved and you should never forget this. Hold on to that truth and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. If you live off the approval of others, you can never be your authentic self. Something will always hold you back and your confidence will take a hit. Understand why you seek approval and find a way to change your perception of yourself.

I know this post has been a lengthy one but 2018 has been a very eventful year. Here’s to a fantastic 2019.

What are some of the life lessons you have learnt in 2018?

I always love to hear from you all so do like, comment and subscribe.

Kel xo