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I’m back with another product review. Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the range of REAL wine gums from a Dutch brand called Vinoos, which are sold on the Beyond Living website. Who said sweets were only for children? The Real Wine Gums provide a whole new experience of that first sip, but without drinking. So if you are a wine lover, this review is definitely for you.
The lovely team at Beyond Living sent me three different wine gums: Flavours of Riesling (which was my personal favourite), Flavours of Rose Wine and Flavours of Merlot/Chardonnay (which was in one box). Before I start, I’d just like to mention that these wine gums have 0% alcohol and are best enjoyed when you are socialising/drinking.
Flavours of Riesling has a glorious taste. It captures the notes of dried chamomile, green apple, honey, mint and rose water. They are perfect if you want to indulge or have a craving for something sweet. Each sweet has a beautifully intricate design, which bares a slight resemblance to a bunch of grapes. If you want the taste of the floral Riesling wine but without the alcohol then you will enjoy this. There are no artificial flavours so not having to worry about any additives is a huge plus. The medium sized mint box make these sweets a marvellous gift for a loved one.

I prefer white wine over red so I was a bit sceptical of the Flavours of Rose Wine sweets. They tasted amazing although, it did take me little longer to chew them as they weren’t as soft as the Riesling sweets. With gums, they do tend to have different textures so this wasn’t a cause for concern. These sweets come in a beautiful pink miniature sized box. The packaging is simple, yet elegant.

Flavours of Merlot/Chardonnay, like the Rose wine sweets, also come in a mini box. The packaging is elegant and definitely reflects the luxury of the brand. It was refreshing to be able to taste two different wine gums at once. They are perfect if you are trying your best to eat clean but need a bit of a pick me up during the day.

Overall, I really like the wine gums. I like that they have been specifically made for people who want to live healthier lives without being consistently dependent on alcohol. They are perfect for vegans and vegetarians. Considering the fact that they should be enjoyed responsibly, they are worth the money because you’ll only treat yourself to a bit of luxury once in a while.
Vinoos Real Wine Gums – Riesling are priced at £7.50
Vinoos Real Wine Gums – Mini Snoopers are priced at £2.00 (for two in a box)
As always, I love to hear from you so let me know what you think about these sweets by leaving a comment below.
You can also join in on the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #RealWineGums
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