How To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Confidence is something we can’t live without, yet so many of us struggle with it. There are so many reasons why we must all work a little harder to develop self-confidence. Self confidence is proven to make us happier and improve our overall quality of life. I have teamed up with a host of bloggers who have shared their amazing confidence boosting tips. I hope you enjoy this read and that you will be inspired by a few suggestions in this post.

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Trust the process

Don’t rush it. Take tiny steps to do the things that make you feel happy – Emily, The Daily Arts Corner

Stop worrying about what other people think. This is your show, not theirs! – Claire, Daily Deals Blog

Comparisons are no-go zone

Don’t compare yourself to others. Be proud of who you are and accept you for you! Comparing yourself and putting yourself down will make you lack confidence so don’t do it. Love yourself! – Victoria, Lylia Rose

Stop comparing yourself to others. We are all unique and have different areas where we shine. – Melanie’s Fab Finds

Focus on the end result

I find focusing on the end result distracts me from situations that test my confidence. For example, I stammer so talking to people, especially about important subjects, can be a tall order. So rather than practice the conversation in my head, I dream about the positive outcomes and use that as my focus! Also on days I’m home, if I hang around in “home” clothes, I feel more down than if I get dresses in clothes I’d be happy to go out in – Victoria, The Growing Mum

Be your own #goals

Set yourself goals that are challenging but realistic. Every time you achieve one of these goals, it will give your confidence a boost – Nick, Pounds and Sense

Don’t care about what other people think

Focus on what makes you happy and do not worry about what other people think! Set simple personal goals, and celebrate when you smash them – Rachel, The Savvy Sisters

Make peace with the fact that other people’s opinions of you are none of your business. It’s a really difficult concept to accept, but once you do it’s very liberating! It leaves you free to on being a good person and doing your thing, and stops you wasting your energy those who are not your people – Kate, Refined Prose

Think before you speak

If I’m going to a complicated meeting – I rehearse in my head what I need to say, make sure I have key issues in bullet points so I don’t forget and can refer. If I’m going to an event – I think up open ended questions to ask people – like ‘how do they know the host? something about where they live? what they do or what they want to get out of the event – most people are happier answering questions about themselves – Rebecca, Views of my Garden

Believe in yourself

Confidence comes from within, not from other people, and even then some of the most confident people have to fake it til we make it. But believe in yourself, in what you do, in who you are. What other people think doesn’t matter (they’re most likely feeling just the same as you, whatever they’re projecting to the outside world). Hold your head high and step into a room, as if you belong there. Because you do – Charlie – Gin Fuelled Bluestocking

I was always the least confident person in the room and had a lot of difficulties talking to people/engaging in social situations. So I decided to start to do one thing at a time. I’d start by talking to people online and then I’d make lists of things I liked about myself and repeat them to myself whenever I was feeling low and I also go by the good old: fake it til you make it. These days I’m able to attend events on my own and feel less uncomfortable around new people! – Georgia from Georgia Anne.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate you!

Celebrate your achievements! No matter how big or small, you put the work in and hit a target/made progress/took a new step, you should recognise that! – Emma at Bee Money Savvy

Do compliment others

Share it! When out in public, give a compliment to a stranger. It’s so rewarding to see their face light up and it makes you feel awesome too! I try to compliment at least 5 people every time I leave the house. It never fails to help me to keep my head high and enjoy my day – Leonie, The Witch and The Hounds 

Start taking time to compliment other people. Make sure you say positive things about your family and friends and you will find that they will say nice things about you. Anne, The Platinum Line

Perfectionism is a myth

Avoid the idea of perfectionism. Practising leads to “progress” after all!! It’s easy to feel more confident when you achieve the realistic goals and expectations you set yourself.  It also allows you to stop second guessing yourself, stops you comparing yourself with others and makes it easier to let things go – Amanda, I Am Amanda 

Mind your thoughts

Change negative thoughts into positives, take time out to give gratitude and do 10 min mindfulness, be kind support others . Deliberately move your body with intensity and power; the way you move your body immediately affects how you feel and think. Stand up straight. Square your shoulders and open up your chest. Breathe deeply. If you walk around, maintain purposeful and secure strides , Maintaining a posture like this makes you feel stronger and where your body goes, your mind follows. Breathing in and out techniques.. it really works – Mandy at Lady Fibro 

Step outside your comfort zone

Put yourself out there more. It’s definitely difficult as someone who struggles with confidence, but pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone (even if you enlist a friend to do it with you) will usually end up with you realising that you’ve been over-worrying. Saying yes to more opportunities, taking more (considered) risks and pushing my own boundaries has helped my confidence no end! – Sophie at Soph Hearts

Take small steps out of your comfort zone, then look back at them and think of at least 2 positives from doing so. We are our own worst critics so finding some positives are key. Your comfort zone will naturally expand.
In a work setting one thing that helps me give talks, speak up in meetings, facilitate meetings and training sessions is trust yourself and your knowledge. Also know it is ok to not know everything and there is nothing wrong with saying that. – Faith at MeBeGeek 

Get over the what-ifs 

When I lack confidence I stop and think of what the three worst things that could happen are. Then I think of what I will do to rescue the situation for each of those three things. It gives me confidence to have that in my mind so if something goes wrong, I won’t freeze and panic – Victoria, The Improving Cook

My tip would be “To feel the fear and do it anyway”. There is no greater feeling than accomplishing something that you never thought you had to capacity to do. It will increase your skill set and your confidence. Win or lose you’ll feel better because you tried – The Island Girl

Fake it till you make it

The best way to be more confident is fake it!!
You wouldn’t know it to meet me but I’m quite shy and suffer from anxiety. In situations where I need more confidence, I consciously hold my head up high, take a deep breath and approach the situation as though I’m completely self assured.
Before long I actually feel as confident as I’m acting – Rachel, The Marvellous Mrs P

Learn that confidence is all about faking it till you truly believe it, Alison at Passions and Preening

I act confident even when I’m really not feeling it – whether that’s beaming a smile and showing off your best attributes or taking the courage to talk to that person. It’s about the baby steps and celebrating your accomplishments – Francesca at Mini Mansii

Think positive 

Instead of focusing on the negative “have nots”, pay attention to the positive “haves” & count your blessings that you have these things; you might not have the most shapely legs but you do have legs to take you wherever you need to go & you can count your blessings that you have mobility – Danielle, The Unseasoned Wag

When I don’t feel confident I focus on positive body language. I stand up straight, put my shoulders back and hold my head up high, making myself feel taller. I also put on my ‘armour’ – best suit and a bit of slap (makeup). I also concentrate on the obvious – in 24 hours it will be over so this time tomorrow I will have survived so the sooner I get started the sooner it is over –Emma – TuppenysFIREplace 
Spend more time alone
Enjoy your own company. I think a great way of learning to be more confident is to realise just how awesome your own company is. What also makes me feel confident is my faith in God.
Life can be overwhelming and sometimes, it is too hard to rely on myself. One verse that keeps my confidence levels up is Psalms 139:14: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Tasha, A Soulful Storm

Adopt a mantra…and stick to it

I access to my inner confidence through 3 ‘rules’ I try to remind myself of every day. The first one is don’t care what other people think, which sounds easier than it actually is. The second thing that I remind myself of every day is the fact that every day is a new opportunity to do things differently. My third tip would be to surround yourself with people that give you confidence – Anna, Actually Anna

Confidence struggles are more common than you think, so don’t be too hard on yourself

I think it’s good to remember that most people don’t feel confident inside, even though they may look outwardly like they are. It always helps me to take a deep breath and try to project confidence, rather than to dwell on how I don’t feel it. Usually after a while I forget my reservations and realise that I am comfortable and carry on – Sarah, Mommin In The Real World

Appreciate the person you are

There was one thing that I always remember being told when I was younger about feeling confident. It has stuck with me for years and no matter how down I may feel, I will always make sure to do it. I was told that when you wake up each morning, you should get up and take a look at yourself in the mirror. When you look back at your reflection tell yourself ONE thing that you LOVE about what you see. Look at the person standing in front of you and tell them “your hair looks great today” or “what a cracking smile you’ve got on your face”. You don’t have to believe what you tell yourself but if you’re consistent you’ll learn to accept what you see. Day 1 will be the hardest but I promise you with each day that passes your confidence will rise and shine on through! – Ashleigh – The Story of Ashleigh Davis

I hope these self confidence tips have inspired you all to believe in yourself a little more. The reality of life is that most of us are just winging it. We all struggle with things from time to time so it’s no wonder that some of us experience a few ruts in relation to how we feel. My top confidence tip would be to imagine the best version of yourself, and work towards that. Take pride in who you are and do the things that make you happy and you will radiate confidence.

Thanks for reading this post. What were your favourite confidence boosting tips? If you could share one tip with Kelle’s Space readers, what would it be? I love to hear from you all so please feel free to leave a comment below!

Kel xo

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  • Dani
    July 15, 2019

    Such an anthology of amazing tips right there! I love that you cover more than just confidence in our appearance. Great post (& thank you for featuring my tip).

    Dani – The Unseasoned Wag x

    • itskellesspace
      July 15, 2019

      Hi Dani,
      Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thank you so much for your contribution
      Kelle x

  • ashleigh
    July 15, 2019

    What a fantastic post! I love that you’ve included so many other bloggers 🙂 it just goes to show that there are so many good people out their with some great advice!

    Also thank you so much for including mine! LOVE it

    Ashleigh –

    • itskellesspace
      July 15, 2019

      Thank you so much Ashleigh! I’m glad you liked the post and thank you so much for your contribution!

  • Sayeedah
    July 16, 2019

    Such a great post! love it girl!

    • itskellesspace
      July 16, 2019

      Thank you!

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