A Wedding Ring Buyer’s Guide

If you are planning a wedding in the near future, your thoughts will invariably turn to wedding rings, and there are quite a few styles to choose from. This can make choosing the right design a challenge at the best of times, and with that in mind, here are a few wedding ring styles to give you some inspiration.

Scalloped Pave Diamond Rings – This style features a rounded cut-out shape on the band, which shows the stones with a minimum of band, thus allowing the brilliance of the stones to shine through.

French Pave Diamond Rings – Another style that highlights the stones rather than the metal, and the pave settings form a fishtail shape under the stones and that allows the diamonds to really sparkle.

The Shared Prong Wedding Ring – This is a very popular style, and as the name suggests, each stone shares a prong with the one next to it. This allows for maximum light reflection and the slim-line appearance is ideal for those who prefer something dainty rather than chunky. If you are looking for quality bespoke wedding rings, there are specialist jewellers who can customise the ring to your specifications.

The Plain Wedding Band – Becoming more popular among the younger generations, this classic style is easy on the eye and very comfortable to wear. Of course, there are many designs, which include heart and oval shapes, and the preference is for platinum rather than 14k gold.

Twisted Vine Diamond Wedding Ring – This intricate design resembles a twisted vine, and with tiny diamonds inserted, the ring does look very original. In the event you don’t find a wedding ring that hits the spot, why not have the ring custom made by an expert jeweller? There are online master jewellers who will take your ideas and create a one-off ring that is truly unique, and the cost is similar to purchasing a ring that has already been made.

The Petite Comfort Wedding Ring – A single band with no stones makes for a simplistic design that is very easy to wear, and with smooth edges, the ring will not be damaged when worn on a daily basis.


The Stackable Wedding Ring – This design allows the wearer to combine both wedding and engagement ring, especially if the same jeweller creates both. Coloured stones make for a unique look, and by talking to a custom jeweller, they would have many unique styles to show you.

Twin Metal Wedding Rings – By combining yellow gold with platinum, it is possible to create a colourful design that uses a range of settings for the stones. The gold and platinum can be entwined for s special effect and talking to a custom jeweller will make you aware of the many unique styles that twin metal rings can be crafted into.

You are advised to begin your quest for the perfect ring as soon as possible, and with the help of a specialist custom jeweller, you can create your very own design that will be a symbol of your eternal love for each other.

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To those of you who are engaged or married, which style of ring did you opt for? To those who aren’t, which of the styles mentioned would be your perfect wedding ring?

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A Wedding Ring Buyer’s Guide