The Various Metal Types Used In Engagement Rings

If you are contemplating the acquisition of a diamond engagement ring, then love is in the air, and having made the decision that she is the one for you, your thoughts will turn to the ring. For some men, choosing the engagement ring is a monumental task, and with that in mind, we have dissected the ring into sections and have provided some background information on the precious metals used.

The StoneLet’s look at the focal point of the ring, the diamond(s); there are countless cut styles, each unique in terms of shape and the number of facets. Diamond grading uses the 4C system; Carat is the weight of a diamond, while Cut is how the finished stone is shaped, and Colour refers to the shade, and finally, Clarity. Knowing the 4C’s will help you better understand the value of the ring, and spending a few hours researching online is never a bad idea, especially when you are about to make a sizeable investment in a diamond.

The SettingThis is what binds the diamonds to the ring base, and there are many different settings, each with its own properties. Setting are either prong or bezel; prongs come in 3, 4, 5, or 6, and they are clamped over the stone to secure it. The bezel setting is set into the metal, and if your fiancée is an outdoor adventurous type, she would be better suited to a bezel setting, which is more durable.

The Ring BaseThe ring itself could be made from a form of gold, palladium, or platinum. Gold comes in many forms, yellow, white, rose, to name but a few, while platinum is often used, due to its durability and shine. If you live near the area, have a look at diamond engagement rings Wellington shops are selling.

  • Platinum – It offers many qualities; it retains its shine, never fades or discolors and it extremely hard, making it a perfect choice. Platinum is typically 95% pure, and is naturally hypo-allergenic, which is why it is often preferred over gold.
  • Palladium – A member of the platinum family, palladium is a white precious metal that never tarnishes, and with equal hardness to platinum, this metal is very suitable for an engagement ring.
  • White Gold – It is a mixture of gold, platinum and silver, and with rhodium plating, the metal always shines. Rhodium plating is an optional extra, and the ring can be re-plated at any time in the future, should you wish.
  • Yellow Gold – The traditional metal for an engagement ring, yellow gold comes in 9, 14, 18 and 22k purity, with the higher values being a little softer. Copper and silver are the preferred alloys, which leaves the surface shiny, and yellow gold is perhaps the most common choice for an engagement ring, so if you want to stick to tradition, this is the choice for you.
  • Rose Gold – Another popular choice, rose gold is also called pink or red gold and this can be spectacular with a coloured diamond. There are online jewellers who can customize a diamond engagement ring, if you would like the woman in your life to have something that is totally unique.

Whatever you choose, the best place to view quality diamond engagement rings is through an online jeweller, who has an extensive catalogue of rings.

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The Various Metal Types Used In Engagement Rings