Tips For Looking Unstoppably Fierce This Prom

With spring around the corner, you are going to want to start preparing for prom as it will be here before you know it. To avoid the last-minute rush and ensure you get everything ready in time, start your shopping and planning early. This will help you completely pin down the fierce look so you can do prom exactly how you’ve always wanted to.

You want to show off to your friends and maybe even that sexy crush of yours just how fierce you can look when it comes to prom. Keep reading to find out all the top tips on how to do it.

 How To Look Fierce In Your Prom Dress

 Get The Foundation Right: The Dress


The dress is the immediate focal point so you need to consider exactly what look you want and commit. When it comes to looking fierce at prom, nothing quite says it louder than a black prom dress. You can discover some cute black prom dresses for the 2020 season where you will find no shortage of designer and non-designer brands to choose from.


Prom doesn’t have to translate to floor-length glittery gowns with high heels. On the contrary, you can choose something knee-length that will look as equally fierce for prom. Remember, consider your personal style and go with something you are excited to wear and you can be completely comfortable in.


The right fitting will also help you slay. Pick a dress that fits your body type, so research on the body shapes that are out there and ensure you choose the styles that match most with yours.

Choose Fierce Hair And Make-Up Styling

If you want something edgy and fierce, then it has to be consistent from head to toe. You can’t have on the most stunning dress that turns head and forget about your hair and make-up. Instead, go bold with the face and add elements such as smoky eyes, eyeliner, highlighted and bronzed cheekbones and the right amount of glow to add a shimmer to your look. Start experimenting now and remember that a smoky eye is still classy, it simply accentuates the eye area. Don’t forget about playing around with the color palette too! When it comes to hair, include some stunning hair accessories despite your hair being up or down to complete your look.

 Last but not least, you need the shoes to be just as fierce as the rest of the outfit. Ensure that everything complements each other and works together for the greater whole so you can complete your fierce look.

 Remember it’s not all about sticking to the rules. If you are going to break them, do it fiercely.

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Tips For Looking Unstoppably Fierce This Prom