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Now we all love a retreat from time to time: whether it’s a spa day or a mini break.
Taking time to be still, relax and take in your surroundings is an essential part of living your best life. Today, I’ll be interviewing Vicky Shilling and Lauren Healy, founders of The Reset.
The Reset is a retreat which has been specifically designed to give women the space they want/need to unplug and reconnect with what they want to achieve. I’ll be talking to these lovely ladies about their inspirations, signs you may need to unplug and revamp your life and why every woman needs The Reset in their lives.
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1) Why did you start The Reset?
We started The Reset because we want to give women a space to unplug and reconnect with what they want to achieve in life. In our lives today it’s too easy to never take the time to stop and think about what we’re doing or why, whether its really making us happy or what changes we could make if we just had the space to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. 

2) When do you think it’s time for a woman to re-evaluate her life? What are the signs?
There isn’t any one particular time in a woman’s life when a reset might be a good idea, it will happen at different stages for everyone. 
The signs for us and that we’ve found with a lot of our retreat clients is the point in their life when these sorts of issues keep cropping up:
You feel like you’re so busy that you can’t prioritise you
You are thinking about a career change but don’t know where to begin
You can’t find like-minded people who share your goals
You wonder if there’s more to life than the routine you’re in right now 
You know what you should be doing to make change, but just need help starting
Finding the time to have a re-set, whether that’s on a retreat or just some check-in time with yourself and a journal, is so crucial to finding meaning in your life to avoid feeling trapped and frustrated which can happen to so many of us.  
Evaluating doesn’t just have to be a one-off event in your life either. We’d recommend that you make time to think about what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it every few months. Rather than New Year Resolutions think 90 day goal setting so that you always feel purposeful rather than lost and unfulfilled which we know is something a lot of women suffer from. 
3) What makes The Reset different from a spa experience or other wellness retreat?
When we looked at the other retreats available on the market we were aware that a lot of them focused on one thing only – just a yoga retreat, or just pilates, or just cookery. The Reset is different because it encapsulates all the things that we think help women make changes towards a healthier life. 
We also didn’t want to make The Reset retreats just a girls weekend. Anyone can book an Air BnB or a spa hotel and invite the gal pals for a weekend of food, drink and gossiping. We definitely want our clients to have time to switch off, relax and have time to themselves. But we also want them to feel they will be going home with tools, tips and support to feel better when they return to reality. 
We have yoga and Pilates sessions as exercise and offer guided meditations, but nice short practical ones that can be worked into everyday life; we’re not sitting in silence for 8hrs a day like an Indian ashram! 
We run workshops focusing on career change, mindset around food and diet and organisation and stress management – three areas our surveys have shown us our ideal clients really struggle with. 
We also showcase amazing whole foods meals on The Reset and include cookery demonstrations to inspire our guests. Finally for us the most important element of The Reset retreats is giving our clients a supportive community to become part of. If you attend our retreats you’ll be able to join an exclusive Facebook group with the other guests and help and support each other with changes you’re wanting to make. 

4) What gave you the idea/inspiration to start The Reset?
In the last couple of years both Lauren and myself have changed careers. We’ve become really aware of how important it is to be in the right mindset and get surrounded by a group of supportive and like-minded people. Women can achieve anything and personally for us talking to each other and being honest about our aspirations to start retreats was the best thing we’ve done. 
We’ve both moved our work to focus more on health and wellness and have seen in our own lives how important prioritising our health has been to growing our businesses and generally feeling happier and healthier with the lives we’re leading. We really want to share that with other women and give them the confidence, tools and support to achieve what they’re dreaming of – whether that’s a major change or just small things to feel of real value in the world. 

5) What can visitors of The Reset expect during their stay?
Our guests can expect an agenda that is the perfect balance of stimulating sessions to inspire and provoke thought, combined with down-time to relax and reconnect with themselves and their goals. 
You’ll be treated to delicious food throughout the weekend (we don’t do diets or detoxes), stunning surroundings, walks in the beautiful countryside, chill out time to read a book, have a bath or maybe create a vision board. You will have the chance to join tailored workshops designed to help you think about where you are right now in life and what steps you can commit to for changes in the future. You’ll go home with a goody bag packed with treats and a journal filled with ideas, resources and space to work through your goals and ambitions and most importantly new supportive friends. 
I hope you have enjoyed this post.
What would your ideal retreat be? Feel free to drop a comment below.
Kel xo

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