Vinoos Wine Gums Review

I’m back with another product review. Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the range of REAL wine gums from a Dutch brand called Vinoos, which are sold on the Beyond Living website. Who said sweets were only for children? The Real Wine Gums provide a whole new experience of that first sip, but without drinking. So if you are a wine lover, this review is definitely for you.

The lovely team at Beyond Living sent me three different wine gums: Flavours of Riesling (which was my personal favourite), Flavours of Rose Wine and Flavours of Merlot/Chardonnay (which was in one box). Before I start, I’d just like to mention that these wine gums have 0% alcohol and are best enjoyed when you are socialising/drinking.

Flavours of Riesling has a glorious taste. It captures the notes of dried chamomile, green apple, honey, mint and rose water. They are perfect if you want to indulge or have a craving for something sweet. Each sweet has a beautifully intricate design, which bares a slight resemblance to a bunch of grapes. If you want the taste of the floral Riesling wine but without the alcohol then you will enjoy this. There are no artificial flavours so not having to worry about any additives is a huge plus. The medium sized mint box make these sweets a marvellous gift for a loved one.

I prefer white wine over red so I was a bit sceptical of the Flavours of Rose Wine sweets. They tasted amazing although, it did take me little longer to chew them as they weren’t as soft as the Riesling sweets. With gums, they do tend to have different textures so this wasn’t a cause for concern. These sweets come in a beautiful pink miniature sized box. The packaging is simple, yet elegant.

Flavours of Merlot/Chardonnay, like the Rose wine sweets, also come in a mini box. The packaging is elegant and definitely reflects the luxury of the brand. It was refreshing to be able to taste two different wine gums at once. They are perfect if you are trying your best to eat clean but need a bit of a pick me up during the day.

Overall, I really like the wine gums. I like that they have been specifically made for people who want to live healthier lives without being consistently dependent on alcohol. They are perfect for vegans and vegetarians. Considering the fact that they should be enjoyed responsibly, they are worth the money because you’ll only treat yourself to a bit of luxury once in a while.

Vinoos Real Wine Gums – Riesling are priced at £7.50

Vinoos Real Wine Gums – Mini Snoopers are priced at £2.00 (for two in a box)

As always, I love to hear from you so let me know what you think about these sweets by leaving a comment below.

You can also join in on the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #RealWineGums

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Open Marriages: Do or Don’t?

Once again, the discussion surrounding open marriages has been reignited. Singer Teyana Taylor recently caused controversy when she revealed that she has had threesomes with her basketball player husband, Iman Shumpert. The relevation was made on a song from her new album, K.T.S.E, titled ‘3Way’. As a avid user of Twitter, I couldn’t help but read the tweets in response to this revelation. While many users seemed to disagree with what Taylor defines as a ‘no limits’ marriage, some people embraced the idea of having an open marriage as a whole.

This post is a collaboration with fellow blogger and v-logger Wini Boansi. We both have different views on the subject of an open marriage.

I DISAGREE with the idea of an open marriage and I will tell you why…

Marriage is a sacred union involving two people, and when God created marriage, that’s what exactly He intended it to be. Two people come together, celebrate their love and promise to honour each other until death parts them. That’s what marriage is. Marriage is challenging enough with two people in it, so can you imagine the impending disaster that would inevitably come from adding a third person into the mix? In her explosive 1995 interview with Panaroma, Princess Diana, when asked about the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles, said ‘ Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded’. There’s no denying that monogamy is the foundation of a successful marriage. Once one person has been unfaithful, the whole relationship is immediately in jeopardy. While some couples may be able to pull off having an open marriage, there’s no denying it is a high risk proposition.

giphy-downsized (56)

Love and commitment should be the foundation of any relationship, whether it’s a  partnership or a marriage. A lack of trust is like a broken mirror, it can be fixed but you can still see the cracks. Despite the difficulties of marriage, it has stood the test of time. There are many wonderful examples of couples who have made it work, so why is marriage being redefined? In my opinion, an open marriage is a free pass to cheat. It is a selfish decision which is usually enforced by one party, as they relish the opportunity to do who and what they please. Due to external influences such as social media, our moral climate is shifting, but please, let’s not act like marriage is whatever we want to make it.

giphy-downsized (29)

Wini Boansi AGREES with the idea of an open marriage and she explains why…

When people live their lives differently to ours, everyone goes into attack mode. Sexual liberation has almost become a phenomenon in our society. Women are definitely able to live their lives and do as they please with their bodies, however, when a woman comes out to say that her and her husband have an open marriage and they are happy, all of a sudden our support for women’s rights to make their own decisions go out of the window. The comedian Mo’Nique was criticised when she revealed she was in an open marriage.

giphy-downsized (46)

I can understand why some people detest the idea of an open marriage, however restricting the liberation of others is closed minded in a sense. It really isn’t our business how couples chose to spice up their marriages. Marriage is all about love, respect, understanding and building a life with the partner of your choice. If that couple fulfils all of the mentioned traits and they have a mutual agreement that allows them to have sexual relations with others, what is the problem?

Clearly their marriage and sexual choices were discussed prior to marriage, and both parties are comfortable with this set up. If this wasn’t the case, then I could understand where the uproar is coming from. In other words, if you were not keen on the idea of an open marriage, then you simply wouldn’t marry someone that wanted one, right?

giphy-downsized (12)

Some people pick and chose which openly married couple they want to be outraged about. Age does not matter, when it comes to being in an open relationship. We all have different sexual desires that need catering to. The most important thing is that openly married couples practice safe and consensual sex. Open marriages were a thing in the past and we should understand that everyone’s idea of what a marriage should be like will be different. What’s to say that openly married couples aren’t 100% happy with their situation? An open marriage celebrates sexual liberation while still allowing a loving couple to be united. If this does become the new norm in marriage then who are we to judge?

Thanks for reading this post. As always, I love to hear from the readers of It’s Kelle’s Space. What are your views on open marriage? Would you have an open marriage? Or do you think the whole idea is a no no?

I asked my Twitter followers what they thought in a poll and this is the result so far:


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How To Make The Most Out Of Summer

If you live in London, then I’m sure you are enjoying the fabulous heatwave we have right now. If you are reading this and sighing, just remember that we have waited so long for this weather, so appreciate it while it’s still here. Speaking of appreciating the glorious weather, I have a fantastic post from a guest author (the first on It’s Kelle’s Space) telling you how you can make the most out of summer.


Whether you’re in London or right up in Scotland, there’s no getting away from the summer heat wave right now. It’s unusually hot for the time of year in the UK, and the warm weather is set to stick around for another few weeks at least. If you’re wondering how you can make the most out of our mini heatwave, whether you’re at work or at home, check out some of these ideas below:

giphy-downsized (31)

Head to the beach

 If you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach, then make the most out of it while the sun is shining. Whether you just go for a walk with your dog or you pack a summer-inspired picnic and soak up some rays over lunch, there’s truly no better place to be if you want to enjoy the sun. Just remember to bring along some sun cream, and pack some sandals to wear when you’re walking on the beach because nobody likes sand in their shoes!

giphy-downsized (69)

Organise a barbecue

 Invite the whole family over to yours and prepare a delicious barbecue while the sun’s out. You can pick up disposable barbecues in local supermarkets for just a couple of pounds, and the rest is down to you. You can keep it traditional with burgers, sausages and chicken skewers, or you could get experimental and create your own barbecued fish and vegetarian dishes, too.

giphy-downsized (19)

Have a weekend away

Pack your backs and organise an impromptu weekend away in the sun. Staycations are on the rise, with more of us choosing to say right here in the UK than go overseas for a mini break. And if you’re thinking of travelling with your girlfriends, then consider one of the party houses offered by Landed Houses. Designed for a good time, these houses are set within a deep country estate and are perfect for letting down your hair and having some weekend fun.

giphy-downsized (84)

Go for a bike ride

 If you know how to ride a bike, you’ll never forget! Summer is the perfect time to dust off your old Bridgford bike and go and explore the countryside. There are hundreds of bike-friendly trails dotted around the country, including those within National Trust parks. Remember to oil up your bike if it hasn’t been used in a while, and pump up the tyres to make your trip more comfortable.

giphy-downsized (34)

 Work outside

Work from home or run your own business? Quit the office for a day and work in the garden or your local park, instead. Working in the great outdoors helps you take in some fresh air and feel like you’re getting involved, even if you have a million and one assignments you need to finish. Find a shady tree and open up your laptop there – and find an anti-glare screen cover if you’re always squinting. Oh, and remember to bring a portable battery pack if you’re going to be work outdoors all day, as the chances are your MacBook will run out of juice after a couple of hours!

giphy-downsized (67)

Another thing you could do to make the most out of summer is volunteer, either in the U.K or abroad. There are lots of organisations that could use your skills. For example, if you are a teacher, you might want to consider volunteering for some tutoring.

What are you getting up to this summer? Let me know in the comments section below!

Kel xo


How To Use Social Media In A Positive Way

Social media.

Two very powerful words that have a magnificent impact on our society.

giphy-downsized (74)

This generation has become increasingly reliant on social media. Whether it’s sharing your latest pictures on Instagram or letting your Facebook friends know how you feel five to ten times a day, there’s no denying the influence social media has on our lives and the entire world.

However, social media can do more harm than good. It has been cited as the reason for many ailments such as anxiety and depression. In this post, I’m going to share a few tips on how you can use social media in a way that will benefit you.

giphy-downsized (31)

Be positive

Don’t be afraid to spread love and encouragement when you log on. I think that social media has become quite negative thanks to trolls, pointless arguments and meaningless drama. Don’t forget that you can compliment others, you can be friendly. Be a light in this (sometimes) dark world we live in.

beyonce GIF by Recording Academy GRAMMYs-downsized

Connect with like minded people

Follow people who mean something to you. Whether its friends, family or industry professionals. There’s no doubt that logging on to social media and seeing posts from people you care about will make a difference to your day and of course, your overall mood.

Season 21 Mind Blown GIF by The Bachelor-downsized

Avoid the ‘showdowns’

This is a really difficult one, especially on a site like Twitter, where the norm these days is to challenge anyone who has a different opinion to yours. Remember that your opinion is yours and you are entitled to express it. If things start to get ugly online and you need to use the block button, do it.

giphy-downsized (78)


Stop comparing yourself to others

I think this is one of the most prevalent social media issues. The art of comparison. Whether it’s seeing someone who appears to have a fabulous life or the perfect body or even relationship, comparing yourself with others will steal your joy. If you find you indulge in self comparison way more than you should, you need to either unfollow certain accounts/pages or take a detox.

giphy-downsized (22)

Promote yourself

If you have a project, business or another side hustle then use your social media channels to promote this. After all, no one will know where your passion lies if you don’t share it with the world. As a part time blogger, I promote my posts as much as I can and it’s a great way to deter yourself from the negative side of social media. You’ll get more interest from others and you’ll also connect with like minded people in the process too!

giphy-downsized (17)


I have mentioned this in two of the previous points. You don’t know how good a social media detox is until you’ve actually done one. You don’t even need to delete your accounts to do it. You can spend some invaluable time on yourself: apply for that job, go for a lovely walk in the park, have a clear out…the list is endless. There is life outside of social media: enjoy it!

giphy-downsized (86)

In addition to the above, I would say don’t take social media too seriously. Respect yourself and others and don’t let anybody put you down.

giphy (3)

I hope some of these tips I’ve shared have helped you and also, feel free to comment with your own as I always love to hear from you all.

Kel xo

Vit Stix Review

In this post, I’m going to be reviewing a brand new product, Vit Stix.

Vit Stix are a vitamin drink which comes in sachet form, perfect for those who seek hydration and higher energy levels.

When I was approached to review this product, I was so excited because having recently increased my Vitamin C intake, I find that I’m rarely ill and I just feel a lot more energetic. In addition to feeling healthier, I think that getting the right amount of Vitamin C in your body is so important and if you need some help from a supplement, then go for it!

I’ve been using Vit Stix for about three weeks now and I am happy with the results so far. I previously used Holland and Barrett’s Vitamin C capsules and I was so afraid to try anything else, especially vitamins that I could only drink unless I mixed them with water. Once I put my reluctance to one side, I fell in love with this drink, the citrus flavour is so sweet and refreshing that you can almost feel it working right away.

This product promises to reduce fatigue and support normal mental performance. I’d say my sense of focus has increased but I still get days when I do feel a little tired, especially as my time of the month approaches. I’m definitely going to continue to take these once a day and I will monitor whether there has been a significant reduction in how tired I am. Right now, I’d say it’s a 7/10 in that area. Also, I don’t know about you all, but my immune system has been taken for a whirlwind of a ride over the past few years. I was always getting ill and I just didn’t know why. I do get my daily fix of fruit and veg (I try to eat at least a minimum of two a day at least! Let’s be honest, we don’t all eat our five a day, every day.). The idea of introducing Vitamin drinks into your diet just ensures you have enough Vitamin C in your body.

The Vit Stix contains no added sugar and no artificial colours or flavours. If you are health conscious, then you will be pleased to know that there are only 7 calories in each stick.

Another bonus is that in addition to Vitamin C, Vit Stix also contains vitamins B5, B6, B12, D and also zinc. It’s a concoction of nutritional goodness.

They are also suitable for vegetarians. All you need to do is add the contents of one Vit Stix sachet to 500ml of water and enjoy.

My only recommendation would be for the brand to introduce more flavours. I can’t wait to try new additions from Vit Stix in the near future.

A box of Vit Stix costs £3.33 each (10 in a box).

If you sign up to the brand’s mailing list, you automatically get 10% off your first order.

Kel xo

This post is collaboration between myself and Vit Stix. These products were sent for review, however, all views are my own.

The Single Life: Do’s And Don’ts

I’ve already written a few posts about relationships

For this post, I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve collaborated with bloggers and they are going to share some pearls of wisdom with you in regards to the single life. The reason why I decided to do this is to let you all know that single life is what you want it to be, not what society says.


I’ve asked each blogger who has contributed to share one ‘DO’ and one ‘DON’T’.

I hope you enjoy this post!

Liv at It’s Not A Trumpet –

DO – Spend more time ‘creating yourself’ by discovering new things, going out with friends, being experimental with your look, taking time to truly know yourself and what you want out of life, then find a person who matches that.

DON’T– Be too clingy with friends who are in relationships just because you’re not not in one. Respect the fact that they need space and time to connect with their other half so don’t get offended or possessive when they decide to spend a little time with their partner rather than you.

Chrissie at Vamp It Up Manchester –

DO – Rather than putting all of your energy into trying to find the right partner, join fun groups and explore hobbies so you are growing and meeting like minded people. They might be one of them!

DON’T – Keep compromising on dates, like a sudden change of destination, or waiting for ages if they are late and uncommunicative or if they aren’t dressed appropriately. What you are (and aren’t) willing to accept on dates pretty much sets the standard for how that person will continue to treat you.

Jan at U Can Crate

DO – Learn to love your body and understand your own sexuality. You know what I mean ladies, explore yourself and get to know what you need.

DON’T – Put up with shit men. If you get bad vibes, get out. Oh and if they treat the waiter badly, bin them off.

Kat at The Creative Wedding Fair –

DO – Find things which make you happy. Rediscover old hobbies, check out new bands, watch those guilty pleasure shows on Netflix, spend time chilling out with friends, take some classes, travel – make amazing memories which centre around yourself. Just because you’re single it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, if anything it gives you free reign to go out and find exactly what makes you tick.

DON’T – Feel pressured to find someone else. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, in fact it’s kind of amazing, so there is no rush to find Mr or Mrs right. But don’t be afraid to date either, it can be a lot of fun meeting new people and seeing what is out there, just keep it light and don’t put too much pressure on settling down. You’ve all the time in the world. Besides, you will know when you’ve found The One.

 Jennie at Travel To Recovery –

DO – Travel. I often get told “I cant go travelling because I am single” I am not sure if they are worried about safety or not having support but being single is totally the best time to go travelling you can do what you want when you want with no silly arguments. If still worried about travelling alone hook up with another single friend or even join group travel its amazing. I am actually so glad I am single that I can travel when and where I want.

DON’T – Go on a romantic holiday if you are single.

Charlotte at Memoirs and Musings –

DO – Travel solo.

DON’T – Go back to your ex. It’s like opening a wound and expecting it not to hurt.

Emma at Carpe Diem Emmie –

DO – Cry and eat lots of chocolate!

DON’T – Fall in the bed of another person, it’ll only confuse you.

Clare at The Money Freak

DO – Build up a reliable network of friends to talk to.

DON’T – Think your worth is based on being in a relationship.

Sarah at The S Road

DO – Be selfish and put yourself first. Develop your existing hobbies or start new ones. Go on holiday on your own. Spend loads of time with your friends and family. Enjoy it!

DON’T – Wait for a partner to go on holiday to that amazing destination. It’ll be just as amazing alone! Don’t think your life will magically change with a partner. Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion about when you should be in a relationship.

Sophie at Wife, Mother, Life –

 DO – Travel, don’t hang about, go have that mad adventure you’ve always dreamed of!

DON’T – Settle! Don’t settle for the partner that doesn’t get you, wait. Learn to love yourself and let that become the standard that prospective partners need to surpass.

Victoria at Our Life On Sea –

DO – Surround yourself with good friends so you have someone close to call and talk through things, someone you can pop into for dinner and share your day with.

DON’T – Stay at home alone – join classes, the gym or volunteer. 

Cristina at Criddle Me This –

DO – All the things you love. Spend time pampering yourself, enjoying hobbies and getting to know how fabulous you are single again.

DON’T– Look back. It’s so hard but until you realise it’s over, you will never move on.

Annelies at The Frugal Frenchie –

DO – Learn to embrace and love yourself, you don’t need a partner to feel good!.

DON’T – Fall into a relationship where it’s all give and no take. Relationships must be based upon equality otherwise it’ll wear you down, know your worth!.

Luan at A Life Of Lovely

DO – Spend time exploring new hobbies and enjoy new things.

DON’T – Rush into another relationship. You can be happy single.

My Energy Essentials

Hello lovelies! I’m back! In this post, I’ll be reviewing three amazing, energy boosting products that have become an important part of my diet.

My ‘Energy Essentials’ give me the strength I need to get through the day.

The first product I’m going to review is the Indigo Nutrition Super Vital Powder. This powder comprises of superfoods – superfoods are foods that are rich in nutrients. Thanks to this product, I’m now able to integrate superfoods into my diet. According to the packaging, the powder boosts the immune system. It’s perfect for a pick me up and all you need is half a teaspoon, so it will definitely last a long time.

Instead of relying on sweet treats, I decided to seek an energy boost the natural way and it was the best decision I ever made. One thing I would advise is that this powder should be added to smoothies or juices. I wouldn’t recommend adding it to food as it may not compliment the taste. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and I’m really impressed. I plan to add a extra teaspoon every day until my body gets used to it. Another benefit is that all ingredients are natural: Acai PowderBaobab Powder and Beetroot Powder all contain high amounts of Vitamin C.

The Indigo Nutrition Super Vital Powder is available from the Indigo Herbs website and prices start from £5.99. Click  here for more information.

Next, I’m going to introduce you all to the Indigo Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder. I’m a keen consumer of vegetables. My faves are broccoli, sweetcorn and asparagus but sometimes with such a hectic lifestyle, I may completely forget to have a side of my favourite veg on my plate. Like the vital powder, it is 100% organic. The only difference is that it’s rich in Vitamin B. As for it being a mood enhancer, I have to see because I haven’t noticed any changes yet. Although you can add it to your smoothies, I use it in my stews. Even though the powder is bright green (yes, just like Kermit), it doesn’t change the colour of the stew. I’ll add that I used this when I made tomato stew so I can’t vouch for dishes such as curry, for example, so start with a small amount and then slowly progress to the recommended 1/2 a teaspoon.

The Indigo Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder is also available from the Indigo Herbs website and prices start from £6.99. Click here for more information.

Overall, I’ve had a really good experience with both of these powders. They are a welcome addition to my diet and I look forward to my body reaping more benefits in the near future. They are also reasonably priced so you’d definitely be getting your money’s worth.

If you ever sit at your desk and just anxiously wonder how you’re going to get all your work done, then the Indigo Herbs Brain Power (Pulse Point Roller) is for you. I apply the oil on my pulse points (temple, wrists and at the back of my neck), I also inhale it a few times a day. My mind instantly feels alert and I feel a lot more focused. The ingredients are 100% natural and the blend of oils including almond, lemon and eucalyptus provide such a soothing effect. The scent is sweet, refreshing and so invigorating.

The Brain Power (Pulse Point Roller) is available on the Indigo Herbs website and is priced at £4.49. You can find more information here.

This post is a collaboration between myself and Indigo Herbs. All views are my own.

Have you ever tried any products from Indigo Herbs? If so then, don’t forget to join in the conversation using #IndigoHerbs.

Kel xo

Signs It’s Time To End A Relationship

I was originally going to call this post ‘ 5 Signs You Need To End A Relationship’ but on reflection, there are more than five signs you’ll need to take into consideration if you are thinking about ending your relationship. In this post, I’m going to share what I believe are relationship deal breakers. Please bare in mind that I’m no relationship guru: I’m just speaking from experience and the experiences of those around me. I hope you enjoy this post.

giphy (4)

Abuse is involved

Abuse shows itself in many forms. Whether it’s mental, physical, psychological or verbal: nobody should tolerate abuse of any kind from their partner. Think of a relationship as you would a friendship. You wouldn’t expect your friend to hurt you, so why would you let your partner? If you are a victim of abuse, please do what you can to get out. Speak to someone you trust, go and stay with a family member if you don’t live at home. Protect yourself at all costs.

giphy-downsized (62)

No compatability

I think that the reason why many relationships fail these days is due to a lack of compatability. Before you take any significant steps, make sure you and your partner get along! Personally, I wouldn’t put a time limit on checking whether you are compatible with your partner but there are always signs and if the majority of them show up in the form of a red flag, it’s time to leave. Staying in a relationship where compatability levels are non existent will leave you  frustrated, angry and emotionally drained. In order for compatability to be present in your relationship, you need to understand each other, enjoy each other’s company and make your relationship a safe haven for each other.

giphy-downsized (78)


An insecure partner is a toxic partner. Fair enough, we may all have small insecurities but when insecurities are magnified in a relationship, trouble is sure on it’s way. The thing about insecurities is that at first you may think your partner is being sweet or considerate towards you but when numerous questions about where you’re going, who you are seeing and snide remarks start taking centre place: you know you have a big problem on your hands. Another sign of insecurity to look out for is the need for constant reassurance about your relationship. Ultimately, if your partner refuses to accept the detrimental role their insecurities are playing in your relationship, it’s time to let go.

giphy-downsized (59)

Bad Behaviour

Bad behaviour is a non negotiable. You represent your partner and vice versa so if they behave poorly, it is highly unlikely that your relationship will be a success. Bad behaviour comes in many shapes and forms: whether its speaking to you rudely, being unpleasant to those who are inferior or superior…it’s all a huge no no. Do not date anyone who doesn’t have a good character. It sounds simple, yes, BUT there are many people out there who are on this continuous wheel of justification, forever making excuses for trashy behaviour. Don’t do it, just walk away.

giphy-downsized (56)

Too many arguments 

Every couple have their disagreements but if you are arguing all the time and you just can’t seem to find common ground, it’s time to walk away. There’s a difference between a disagreement and an argument and I think it depends on the individuals involved. Understanding is key. Being empathetic is even more important because its important to make sure you and your partner understand the root cause of your issue. Pay attention to how your partner handles arguments: do they listen to what you have to say or do they always insist on having the last say? If it’s the latter, then they have no regard for your feelings and you should never be with someone who you are clearly not on the same page with.

giphy-downsized (44)

Poor communication

Communication is such an important part of a relationship. Without it, no relationship can survive. In a relationship, you should be able to communicate effectively with your partner and vice versa. If you constantly feel like you have to hold your tongue or that your views don’t matter, then you are in the wrong relationship. Communication strengthens the levels of trust, honesty and respect in your relationship. Communication can also stop needless arguments too. Don’t be with someone who will cut you off at every opportunity. No relationship can survive on ‘I love you’s’ alone. Don’t settle for a poor communicator.

giphy-downsized (45)

So these are my signs that it’s time to end a relationship. Of course, there are so many more and feel free to leave a comment with your relationship dealbreakers below.

This will be my last post of the month. I’m going to take a small hiatus from IKS but if you would like to stay connected throughout the month of May, you can follow me on Twitter

Kel xo 


Introducing U&I Lifestyle

If you love to live your best life, then this is definitely for you!

Unique and Innovative Lifestyle are a lifestyle company in London that specialise in Marketing and Social Media Management. The company are branching out and they have just launched an exciting new incentive for U&I lovers worldwide, The U&I card entitles you to a range of discounts and offers at restaurants, hotels, spas and so much more.

Some of the amazing places you can get discounts and offers from include W Hotels, ClaridgesFifty9 Bar and Buddha Bar (to name a few).

The card costs £99 and is available to purchase from the company’s website.

My U&I card was delivered a few days ago and I can’t wait to take advantage of all the amazing discounts.

The U&I card is perfect for millennials who want to live the lives they deserve without breaking the bank. You can save £££ on a variety of discounts and offers, exclusive to all U&I card members. If you’re a travel junkie, fret not, because you can also use your U&I card abroad (see website for more details). I’ll definitely be using mine when I am in Prague in a few weeks time.

U&I Lifestyle are currently running a competition on their website where they are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a membership card – click here for more details.

I am also offering IKS readers 10% off their U&I Lifestyle Card purchases – all you need to do to get your 10% discount is use the code ‘ Kelle10’.

For more information about Unique and Innovative, check out their website.

You can also find U&I on Instagram and Twitter.

Kel xo