The Importance Of Being Social

Having a social life plays such an important role in keeping healthy, active and well.

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Socialising has so many health benefits and many research studies have proven that there is a link between being socially active and longevity.

It’s hard to do things you enjoy when work schedules and other responsibilities take up a lot of time. As a professional, I often find it challenging to maintain a healthy work/life balance. In order to fight this, I try not to let a month go by without doing something I enjoy: whether it’s going to a concert with friends, visiting a museum or spending a morning in a spa.

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Here are a few reasons why it’s important to socialise:

It’s fun! – Socialising is a great way to connect with people around you. It really is a great feeling to be in the company of like minded people. Time flies by, meaningful conversations are had and wonderful memories are made.

It’s good for your self esteem – Yes, we are generation Netflix. I will put my hands up and say that I love nothing more than catching up with the latest episode of Black Lightning or Dynasty or anything else I can watch, but try not to succumb to making a habit out of this. Socialising improves your self esteem, your ability to interact with others and a good old catch up does wonders for the soul.

It reduces stress – Life can be stressful at times so its important to give yourself time out when needed. Having a social outing or planning an activity will help you focus on things other than yourself. We all have days when we are so stressed about things (the majority of which we can’t control) so give yourself a break!

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to organise days/nights out and other activities, but fortunately there is a easy way to find like minded Londoners who share the same interests as you…

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The new Pal App is all about finding friends who share similar interests to you. Whether you are organising a lunch date or looking for someone to play your favourite sport with: there is something to suit all social needs. If you can’t see any activities you like, you can post your own event. It’s a great way to make new friends and find something exciting that is happening in your area.

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Once you have found an event you are interested in, you can join in and engage in conversation with other fabulous Londoners taking part. If you’re worried about security, fear not because only the people taking part are able to chat and you also have the option of specifying who you would like to be contacted by.

The Pal App is available on both iOS and Android and is completely free of charge. To find out more about Pal App, click here.

This post was written in collaboration with Pal App.

Why do you think it’s important to socialise? I love to hear from you all so do feel free to leave a comment below.

Kel xo

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The Importance Of Being Social